8 Signs And Symptoms Of Depression – How To Deal With Them?

Last Update on January 27, 2021 : Published on December 11, 2019
8 Signs And Symptoms Of Depression-How To Deal With Them

Read the signs before it’s too late!

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S. and is currently prevalent in more than 20 million adults as well as teenagers. On a global scale, more than 264 million people are suffering from various types and stages of depression.

Severe mood fluctuations, persistent sadness, and anger can some of the most common ways by which Depression can be described. This mood disorder interferes with your daily activities, whether you are having breakfast at home or working in the office. One thing is common, depression turns a person’s productivity low and influences the health condition.

If you are looking for signs and symptoms of depression, it is a good sign that you are aware of your mental health and ready to find knowledge and help through the medium of the internet. We are here to talk about common signs of depression and some quick ways on how to deal with them.

Signs Of Depression

  • Hopelessness

“Life is very cruel. I don’t want to try anymore!” If such an outlook towards life has been persistent for a long time, you might bring yourself in the situation of depression.

This depression symptom may let you think about your self-worth, creates hatred within and even increases guilt for multiple reasons that might be the smallest particles in the eyes of others.

Remember: “Only in the darkness can you see the stars”– Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Continuous Low Mood

Being angry, irritated, tense, aggressive and restless are some of the first signs of depression. Only if these signs are continuous for months due to multiple thoughts in mind and even making your emotions swing on an empty side, early symptoms of depression could be considered.

But you know what: “For every minute you get angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.”

  • Changing Sleep Pattern

An occupied mind brings insomnia, restlessness, restless sleep, and even no sleep throughout the whole night. In some cases, sleeping excessively is also a major sign and symptom of depression.

Such an issue puts a person in a situation of fatigue and he/she becomes extremely tired. In short, lethargy becomes the front face and energy levels completely drain off.

What Dalai Lama said: “Sleep is the best meditation.”

  • Anxiety

Though depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand mostly, we cannot ignore anxiety as a powerful sign and symptom of depression. Anxiety brings nervousness, a continuous feeling of danger, rapid heart rate and breathing rate, heavy sweating, body trembling, and a lot of trouble in concentrating on one thing clearly.

You know what, “Nothing can bring you peace, but yourself.”

  • Uncontrollable Emotions

Many of the people who have faced emotional breakdown or failure in lives suffered with this depression symptom. At some point of time there is extreme anger, whereas the very next minute, you may be crying profusely.

Emotions are hardly under control and the pain is virtual on your face, body, and mind. This mixing up of various emotions in an unusual manner throws out signs of major depression.

They say “The worst kind of sad is not able to express why.”

  • Sudden Change In Body Weight

Now it varies from person to person. Some people completely lose their appetite and their body weight slides down drastically. For example, more than 4 kgs in 2 days. Whereas some of them increase their appetite at a sudden note and gain weight in no time.

Though these changes can be made intentionally in our bodies if a person is not aware of this fluctuation, he may be facing signs and symptoms of depression.

Mahatma Gandhi was really right here “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Got the point?

  • Thinking About Death

Well, this is the most dangerous sign and symptom of depression, we would say. Depression doesn’t let a person know where he is heading to and suicidal thoughts erupt.

Reports say that 50 percent of depression patients end their lives and this figure is abruptly rising. We want to stop you right here if such thoughts are actually coming in your mind.

“Suicide doesn’t kill people, sadness does.” One should find a solution to sadness instead of ending life.

How To Deal With Depression?

If you are having early signs and symptoms of depression as described above, thankfully you can help yourself. Not all depression is the same, but we will here tell you how you can kick this and keep mind calm and beautiful.

  • Begin With Killing Negative Thoughts

Now, this is the most important and first step you have to take up when signs of depression are blinking up. If you begin controlling negative mood, you are actually making better decisions for the future.

We would suggest a personal recommendation which talks about attracting positive thoughts in life. ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne is one right solution. You can also watch the elaborate video which has literally changed the lives of many. 

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  • Meditate

Sitting in one corner and thinking about meditation? Well, you surely need guidance in the beginning when depression symptoms are taking a toll over you. Try visiting a meditation center near you or go for meditation apps like Calm or Headspace.

  • Exercise

Yes, it gets really tough to pull your socks up and begin exercising. But this is a sure-shot way to release stress and calm down the soul. In fact, Yoga is also considered as a great way to relieve yourself mentally and physically. Join a gym, go for a jog or simply take long walks with challenges.

For more assistance, yoga apps, online yoga teachers, and directed gym apps are major contributors. For example, Yoga with Adriene is good, to begin with.

  • Eat Right

Consider having lots of fruits, vegetables, and juices to bring energy. Say NO to addictive consumption and better spend time cooking for yourself.

  • Spend Time Who Can Cheer You Up

Those who understand your personal situation and can cheer you up, meet them over a cup of coffee. Try to stay away from alcohol or other related products and simply talk with them. Good thoughts and diverse approaches towards life are surely going to lift your mood up and straight up.

It would be great if you do not spend too much time on your phone, social media or other unnecessary stuff and rather go for activities that bring happy face. Now it could be taking your pet for a walk, cook, enjoy dancing, etc. Alternatively, try Social Fever by Systweak. It’s simply caring!


If none of the above methods work right for you, TALK TO US! Or you can also find a doctor nearby who can help in killing signs and symptoms of depression.

Relying on anti-depressants for a long time is not such a good idea either so let’s fight against depression with Depression Healer!

If we could be of any more help to you, feel free to talk to us!

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