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Know Yourself Inside Out The Carl Jung Way

Humans as a species is constantly involved in the process of knowing ourselves inside out. I am sure you must have come across various articles, theories and philosophies,...
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Understanding Your Body’s Biological Clock And Its Importance

The body’s biological clock became a hot discussion when a study by American scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young won a Nobel prize in...
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Psychopath vs Sociopath: What’s The Difference?

Table of Content: What is a Psychopath What is a Sociopath Difference between Psychopath and Sociopath How is a Male Psychopath Different from a Female Psychopath? Who is more dangerous...
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‘Big Five Model’ of Personality Traits

The research of the Big Five  Personality traits started with the research of D.W Fiske (1949) and later expanded by various researchers like Paul Costa and Robert McCrae....
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What is PAWS? Read About Symptoms of PAWS

List Of Content: Introduction What is PAWS Symptoms of PAWS Introduction About PAWS: I have observed that there is a misconception that quitting alcohol, smoke or substances is...
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Meditation benefits

Meditation: Concentration and More

Meditation? Why? What’s the need? What are the benefits of meditation? From our childhood, we have probably heard multiple times, that meditation is good for you, and you...
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A Guide to Boost Your Self-Esteem Like Never Before

Before you start reading this article and learn to build strong self-esteem let us engage in activity first. All you have to do is take a pen and...
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Mindful Dating: Feel the Positive Vibes

I have recently joined a dating site. With the trend of online dating, I thought. Why not? After days of searching for my match, finally, I got my...
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“Shopping Can Work as a Therapy” – Learn How ?

“I  feel low but that dress can make me feel better. Let me grab it” If you have ever found yourself doing it then, welcome to the club!!!...
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