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Manage Stress in Everyday Lives

5 Simple Ways in Which You Can Manage Stress in Everyday Lives

Whether it is home, school or office, dealing with emotional and mental stress or managing stress in everydaylife can be a tough challenge. And if not dealt with...
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36 Happy Songs To Tune Into and Lift Your Spirits

Songs always make us happy! Don’t they? But, during the sad times and even happy moments of our life, we can't really find that perfect tune that sings...
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Types of Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms to Look For

Generally, we tend to assume that there are two types of eating disorders- eating too much or eating too little! Well, let me break it for you. Eating...
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COVID19 – Panic Attacks Symptoms and how to deal with them

As coronavirus sickness continues to spread, fear and anxiety raise among many individuals. About 15-30% of the population experience panic disorder in a given year and surprisingly this...
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Best Things To Do While Under Quarantine: Making a Happy Quarantine

Home lockdown is very difficult especially for the ones who go to work every day! Calm Sage understands the pressure of working all day in a room or...
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7 Best Apps to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is something which you can’t avoid. Even if you are living off and far from society in a jungle off the coast to avoid your boss or...
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The Habit Loop: Building Positive Habits

From the beginning of 2020, I am trying to avoid junk food and start exercising every day. But I just wasn't able to follow through! Why you ask?...
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Mental Health Benefits of Dance

11 Benefits of Dance in Mental Health

Do you feel demotivated or empty or do you miss your old self? We totally understand the stress of working under pressure, studying the whole day to improve...
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4 Ways To Master Unhappy Emotions

There are times when you get this sudden wave of unhappy emotions in your life. It can be a reaction to an event or can be caused by...
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