Best Things To Do While Under Quarantine: Making a Happy Quarantine


Home lockdown is very difficult especially for the ones who go to work every day! Calm Sage understands the pressure of working all day in a room or hall… it’s quite irritating. Right now for some people, it may feel suffocating as well. AS they miss going out, meeting new people, office hours, movie dates, meetings over coffee.

Meanwhile, for a better tomorrow, it is better for us to stay home with social distancing. Therefore, until we all maintain quarantine for the coming days or weeks, let’s make these days a happy quarantine.

Through this blog, we have handpicked 10 best activities to do while under quarantine. Let’s get started.

Best Things To Do While Under Quarantine

1.  Netflix binging

Whenever you feel bored or stressed, open your Netflix app and complete those pending series or movies which you’re planning to complete by weekends. Or you can subscribe to any other streaming apps where you find your genre movies. Try to watch movies with your family, it will bring more positivity.

netflix binging

2.  Cooking or Baking

While working in the office, we used to miss the aroma of freshly baked cakes and brownies. So, it’s high time that we fulfill our tummy cravings.

Cook or bake for you, your partners, your loved ones or family members. Cooking promotes mental health. So if cooking is your hobby, go for it and fill your tummies with good food.

cooking or Baking

3.  Coloring books

Everyone loves coloring books or mandala arts. Coloring reduces stress and brightens the artistic side. So, let’s print out, our favorite sketches from the internet and start coloring. You can share your colored prints with us on our social media accounts. Open your Instagram account, follow “The Calm Sage” and share your colored printouts. We’ll be happy to promote your artistic side on our social media accounts.

coloring books

4.  Organizing your room or home

I think it’s a great time to redecorate our home and room. Organize your wardrobe, organize your kitchen, change your bed sheets and redecorate your home. Re-decorating will reduce the anxiety within and promote positive energy at home.

organizing your room or home

5.  Home decor

What about changing the whole home decor or painting the walls with a new color.  It’s a great idea! Try to promote more greenery at home, plat more tress and decorate the in the staircases and balconies. It will help the environment and will bring more positivity to your home.

home decor

6.  Exercise

With the hectic schedules and routines, we were not able to stick to our 2020 goals. Now, it is the right time to exercise until we are under quarantine. Let’s make the full use of quarantine and start exercising. You can start with small exercises and increase it daily. Starting small is always worth it. Do your yoga, meditation, and Zumba. Create your own mini-gym in your home.


7.  Work on your Dream Plans

In our free time, we often dream about our future plans and after reaching the office we have to sideline those future plans. Since your bossy boos are not with you in this phase, you can actually work on your future dream plans. Like, I am searching for courses and colleges for my higher studies. Let’s make the most use of it.

work on your dream plans

8.  Call your loved ones

During office hours and hectic schedules, we are not able to call our family members and loved ones. But until we are staying under quarantine we can make video calls or audio calls to our loved ones. We can make sure of their safety in this phase of the pandemic.

call your loved ones

You can also let us know of your favorite activities to do in the lockdown through the comment section below. I hope you like this blog and do not forget to follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

You can also share your videos and experiences through our Instagram and Facebook page. We would love to hear from you!

Please don’t go outside, maintain social distancing and be positive. Together we fight, together we will win.

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    I love Cooking or Baking during quarantine after work in free time i can make many new thing and try and taste.

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