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Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Depression

Some statements are really inappropriate that they can again trigger the symptoms of depression in a person who is already fighting with depression. Sometimes, we unintentionally state some statements...

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How To Tell If Someone Is Faking Depression?

We all know that depression is a serious mental issue, but sometimes (in worse conditions) people exaggerate or fake symptoms to get all the attention or maybe to avoid the outcomes of the other probl...

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Is Depression Genetic or Environmental? Putting an End of the Debate

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues. Studies have found that 1 and 4 individuals are suffering from depression. Therefore it definitely does become important to understand that d...

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Coping With Depression In A Relationship: How To Support Your Partner?

A healthy relationship means being there for each other, no matter what. However, when you deal with a spouse or partner with depression, it carries out mixed emotions within you or even you struggle ...

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How Social Media Affects Mental Health And Causes Depression

Social media platforms can affect your mental health do you know how? In this digital age, people depend more on social media than on any other form of communication. No matter what you do, it’s li...

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10 Popular Myths About Depression BUSTED

A plethora of myths of depression tag along when the topic is brought up. The world’s leading cause of disability, Depression, is sprawling for many reasons like increased rate of illness, financial...

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7 Best Stress Management Apps 2020: Throw Depression Miles Away

Intermingle With Technology For Good And Smile For Yourself Before loads of work, anger, anxiety, or influence of society swashes you in the deep pool of sadness or uncomfortable depression, make the...

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Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD): Talk To Us Because Winter Is Coming!

Is It Just Winter Blues or Seasonal Depression? Let’s find out! Seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) is one type of depression that comes up with the change in seasons. Seasonal ...

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How To Help Someone With Depression?

No matter how wrong things have gone, nothing can stop them from getting right. Learn how to help a depressed person. When a loved one is battling with depression, he may or may not ask you for hel...

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