Stress and Anxiety

Is Micro-Stressors Wreaking Havoc On Your Health? | What Are They & How Can You Manage Them?

Think COVID-19 or a break up from a long-term relationship. These kinds of stressors are easy to notice, right? I mean, when we think of stress, we usually think of the biggest problems of our lives s...

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Is Your Teen Stressed? 10 Signs Your Teen Is Stressed & How To Help Them Cope

Stress is becoming more and more common these days. Whether you’re an adult or a teen, stress is something that is experienced by all. Let’s be honest, as a parent, you might think “what does my...

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Can Your Smartphone Induce Stress And Anxiety? Here’s How To Manage It

Over the past year we have all been through a lot. Be it work, family or health, we were in a lot of stress. Covid-19 is one thing none of us can forget about. It continues to make us feel unsettled d...

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10 Effective Tips To Deal With Anxiety

The number of people experiencing anxiety nowadays is increasing… ever wondered why? Maybe because we all are stuck in a pandemic situation, maybe because we worked really hard to get that appreciat...

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8 Surprising Facts About Anxiety You Need To Know!

“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” - C. H. Spurgeon That’s what anxiety does to us, doesn’t it? It takes away our strength and ...

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Why are Stress and Anxiety Becoming So Common Today | Alarming Facts

This surprises me, how common stress and anxiety have become. And this is concerning as prolonged stress and anxiety have adverse impacts on one’s physical and mental health. This can also end up in...

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Stress Vs. Anxiety: The Basic Difference That You Need To Know

Which out of the two phrases are you likely to use if you encounter a situation that disturbs your emotional equilibrium? “I am so stressed” or “I feel anxious about this situation.” You mig...

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