Self-Improvement Project ‘Depression Healer’ Is Now “Calm Sage”


With Depression affecting almost 15 Million+ individuals in the U.S., Calm Sage inspires readers to relax & heal their lives!

Since no one can detail life with depression & other mental illness issues, better than people who are actually suffering from it. Our dedicated initiative ‘Depression Healer’ blog is now known as “Calm Sage”. We work to provide support, information & a chance to get connected with people sharing similar experiences.

Now you must be thinking why a name like ‘Depression Healer’, changed its name to ‘Calm Sage’? Well, the objective is to make people understand that the initiative doesn’t only focus on Depression, but rather help individuals fight all sorts of mental health problems while sparking tons of positivity.

Calm Sage is basically a self-improvement project with a focus on Personal Productivity, Motivation & Self Education. The goal is to create an environment of mutual support, where people can meet from all across the globe to solve problems related to anxiety, depression, negative thinking, stress, moodiness & other mental illness.

Calm Sage blog is your ultimate source of solace, the articles focus on self-analysis rather than self-pitying, raising voices as contagious strength. The blog features lots of guides that self-help & articles packed with real-life stances of personalities coping with stress & other problems.  Moreover, it invites people to share their inspiring mental-healing stories, which can motivate people to fight from such problems. The platform aspires to provide information that can help people to live a more prosperous & satisfying life.

Calm Sage hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues through articles such as How To Master Your Mood Swings?, Tips To Build Mental Toughness And Break The Barriers Around You and Best Foods That Help To Reduce Anxiety.

For motivational quotes, fun memes & inspiring words, you can get connected to Calm Sage at their Instagram, Twitter & Flipboard handles!


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