Cognitive Health: Strategies To Boost It & Keep Your Brain Young

Cognitive health strategies

It is a known fact that the brain changes as the age changes. However, it is also true that the brain is the most important organ of the human body and must be kept in an absolute fit condition. Just like a human body needs a maintenance boost, cognitive health needs its own workout. It needs to explore all the dimensions without being sedentary for a longer run while engaging both hemispheres of the brain.

So if you are also thinking how to boost cognitive function of your brain and fight it against aging, here are some of the best strategies.

How To Improve Cognitive Health?

 1. Be Curious, Be Creative

be creative

A study from Michigan State explained that when kids are indulged in creative activities during their childhood, it leads to future innovations and business opportunities in later life. Research also shows that if creative activities are continued in the adult years, the brain volume increases, cognitive health booms and communication between brain areas enhances.

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For example, playing or learning a musical instrument, engrossing yourself in a novel, improving your skills, etc. act as moderator.

2. Stay Open For New Experiences

The study called ‘The impact of sustained engagement on cognitive function in older adults: The synapse project’ in 2013 explains that learning skills and engaging in social networks keeps you sharp as the age increases.

Experts also suggest that you must be open to go out of your comfort zone, take up something challenging or something unfamiliar that can even keep you socially and mentally active. Such experiences provide you broad stimulation about life and a new personality trait to live for.

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3. Keep Your Vitamin-D Level In Check

vitamin d healthy range check

Vitamin D levels are connected to cognitive functioning and if it is not found in optimum amounts may lead to brain impairment. Older people may even face dementia due to lack of the vitamin as it is responsible for regulating glucose and calcium transport. If consumed in the form of medicine, one must know that the optimal level of Vitamin D ranges between 30 to 45 mg/ml.

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4. Keep Blood Pressure In Check

It has to be understood that small arteries in the brain are sensitive to rise of blood pressure and if the tension sustains, may lead to injuries. As higher blood pressure is directly connected to cognitive health, one must keep an eye on controlled blood pressure. Optimum consumption of salt and more of whole plant foods shall be checked for best results.

5. Be Mindful For Anything You Consume

mindful eating

Anything that you eat should be selected mindfully in order to maintain cognitive mental health. There are anti-aging food for brain like berries, papaya, nuts along with brain-supporting supplements like omega-3 fatty acids for brain’s goodness. Vitamin B12 is a very important element to keep oneself away from depression, poor memory and confusion.

With that, make sure that you limit the consumption of red meat, added sugars, excessive salt and glucose to avoid brain impairment.

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6. Stay Physically & Mentally Active

A balance between physical and mental level could be well-maintained with regular exercises. Physical exercises like walking, aerobics, yoga, pilates or running with a free mind could simply enhance the blood flow in the whole body, including the brain. With physical fitness, one can also include brain training games in their weekly schedule to increase cognitive functioning.

7. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

Another study at Harvard’s Israel Deaconess Medical Center, those who have had brain changes with meditation showed subsequent stress reduction and slowed process of brain aging. In fact, studies have suggested that age related cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer disease could also be controlled well with regular practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Message From Author

Training your brain to boost cognitive function is a must to go self-therapy for health longingness. With all the above strategies, you must also acknowledge the role of good sleep in maintaining mental health and avoiding any kind of disorder that later bothers you. Maintain peace and calm with your brain and the whole life journey will keep a peaceful balance with you. Remember, your cognitive health matters as much as your physical, so be careful with your actions.


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