How to Support Loved Ones During Coronavirus

Social isolation brings out the frustration and suffocation in people. Through this blog, we are highlighting some best tips to support your loved ones during the pandemic situation of coronavirus.

We all are worried about the pandemic situation of coronavirus and ensuring that our loved ones are safe during this phase. Meanwhile, you can’t be with your loved ones to support them during quarantine, you might be unsure how to support your loved ones during the pandemic of coronavirus. Calm Sage understands the feeling of worries during this rough phase of social distancing.

Social isolation brings out the frustration, irritation, and suffocation in people who are prone to depressive symptoms.

Therefore, through this blog, we are highlighting some best tips to support your loved ones during the pandemic situation of coronavirus.

How to Support Loved Ones During Coronavirus

1. Make video calls

Since we are under quarantine, we can mark our presence with our loved ones by video calling them. Make a video call; ask them to stay safe during this phase. You can also ask if they need anything. Make them aware about the situation and try to clarify them regarding rumors and myths.

2. Listen to your loved ones and support them accordingly

While calling them, ask about them if they need anything. Help them with the chores, arrange medical appointments for them. You can also send a precaution kit for them. If they’re stressed about the situation, update them with the positive news and ask them to be positive and calm.

Supporting Loved Ones During Coronavirus

3. Drop meals and groceries

If your loved ones are out of groceries or meals, arrange groceries for them through stand drop them at their doors. Just mark your presence by supporting them and maintaining social isolation.

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4. Connect and aware people on social media

With the outbreak, people have created so many rumors and myths related to coronavirus. Therefore, try to connect with people on social media and be aware of the myths related to coronavirus. Stop people from spreading the myths and make them understand the seriousness of the issue.

5. Arrange home deliveries

Connect with your loved ones, family members or friends and ask them to be safe. Ask them to maintain hygiene by using sanitizer

or washing hands with normal water and soap.

Apart from that, you can arrange home deliveries of daily household stuff for your family members.


Apart from that, you can also arrange home deliveries for your family members or loved ones of daily household stuff. Play online games together!

Being in quarantine is boring! Therefore, you can install various online games like Sudoku or Monopoly. The good thing about these games is that you can play them together online. In this way, you can feel connected with your loved ones or family members. Additionally, games reduce stress as well.

6. Avoid rumors, show positivity

Rumors are really creating stress over millions of people. People who are prone to depressive symptoms are getting worse. Therefore, it’s a request to help such people and ask them to stay calm. Show them the facts and radiate positive vibes.

7. Ask about financial supports

Since people are under lockdown and they are not able to collect proper funds. Please help and support your loved ones financially as well. Ask them if they need help. Remember “together we fight, together we win”. Therefore, make calls and ask your loved ones about their financial needs as well.

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In the end, Calm Sage requests everyone to stay calm and try to radiate positivity in this rough phase everyone needs support and everyone needs help. Therefore, try to help and support people in need. Additionally, try to maintain social distancing and hygiene in your surroundings.

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Thanks for reading. Stay Safe!

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