Positive Things to Learn to Get Through This Crisis Time


“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it”- Hellen Keller

With a sudden change in our lifestyle, we are experiencing a lot of feelings presently. We are homebound in this situation, and it is certainly not by choice. This solely changes our perspective and the way we look at the world. It is also needed that we deal with our anxiety right direction during this time of crisis. Therefore, we thought of laying focus on the important learning of this situation.

In this post, we have enlisted some of the positive things to learn to get through this crisis time.

Important Things to Learn:

1. Family time-

family time

Most places in the world are maintaining social distancing and are adhering to stay indoors. As much as we wish to spend time with our loved ones, work-life always gets into the way, but now it has allowed us to stay with them 24 hours. Support loved ones during Coronavirus as they might be feeling stress or anxiety, which is commonly seen among people these days.

So overall what you can learn positively is good to be home around for your family members as you can talk to them for long hours and enjoy activities together. Everything which you do with them brings you closer to feeling belonged and also connecting with others fills your heart with contentment. All these emotions function in keeping your mental health good.

Also, as you stay at home with children, you can contribute to their growing years differently than the regular days. Older people get more time and will feel the most loved around the family members. So, there is so much positive and important things to see around when we are stuck inside our homes during this crisis. As we learn to value our bonds and relatives more after we realize the lives can take an unknown turn without prior notification.

2. Humanity –


Most Important thing you can learn during this time is FAITH. Faith in humanity is restored for many as this crisis has brought people together to fight against it. Many of us have stopped relying on people and became mistrustful after a few events that we witnessed in life. But now, as we watch and read news about everything that has been done to help the needy by the common man is what keeps that dimming light of humanity shining bright.

Reading about the neighbours preparing food and getting supplies for the sick person is just one of the things that people are doing. There are thousands of people volunteering to get proper food and shelter for the poor and needy. All of the healthcare professionals who are on duty without worrying about their health: treating everyone as equal in these times has taught us the value of sharing. Take a positive message and Learn to be more helpful.

3. People can follow the health regime/ hobbies-

people can follow the health regime

We can use this time to keep our body healthy and getting on a healthy regime. Self Care is Most Healthiest Thing you can learn this time and adapt in your daily routine. Whenever you feel you are stressing over something unnecessary practise these four A’s. While we take care of our body, it is equally important to learn that we take care of our mind. We can learn to deal with our negative thoughts; this testing time will teach us a lot as it will demand us to be strong. It is good as we reach out for help, contrary to our usual thinking about yourselves first. A lot of difference is going to help us grow into a better person. You get all this time to try out the activities you always wanted to learn. Join with several other people online and find your tribe to connect with others of your liking.

We must learn the importance of hobbies as they teach us to take on new thing as it can be a way to deal with panic attacks during this quarantine period. As we challenge ourselves to keep a healthy eating habit, we can also use this time to fight addiction during self-isolation. All the reasons to feel positive about this time isn’t it.

4. Plus point to Environment

Plus point to Environment

As we keep ourselves to our homes, transportation has limited to just the essentials. With significant industries shutting down, pollution is at an all-time low. People can see their way back to connecting with nature. They are finding it soothing to hear out the chirping of birds around them. Nature has its way of healing in every way; this fact is little known by all but is true. The water is getting cleaner, and the streets and better the majority of people are indoors. There is less carbon emissions as the people are not going out as much.

Trust me; we have a lot of important and positive Things to do. As it always has a way to bounce back no matter how much worse we treated it. The one chance it got to heal itself, it was in the process. We can see plants and animals making their way into the outskirts of the city, where usually they were not observed. The sky is cleaner, and the air seems fresh, water bodies are regaining their balance. To all those worried about suffering must learn that process might seem hard, but it recovers well in time.

To Sum it:

The ultimate Brightside to the coronavirus pandemic is that it gets time for people to stay with their family. Also, we learnt that keeping yourself engaged in activities is a good idea. As we get a chance to learn positive things or what else we are good at other than the usual routine work.  There is good in everything if we just look close enough. This is how life goes on, and we learn to get adapted with it. So do not be afraid of the change and embrace it with a whole heart and try to see what’s the best you can do with it.

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