“Lockdown Is the Right Time To Enrich Yourselves” : Some Q&As You Shouldn’t Miss!


Everyone is trapped in an enclosed space at this time. People are stuck at their home, cannot go to their workplace, clubs and gyms are closed for an indefinite period and even the parks and beaches are off limits. This summer, children wouldn’t be able to play frisbee on the beach and the surfers will have to watch videos to learn how to tackle waves.

As some experts say, social-distancing is here to stay and we may have to learn to live with it for a very long time. Humans are said to be “Social Animals”. If we are not able to meet others, how do we add value to our lives, learn new things, explore and experience the wonderful world around us? But there are two sides of every coin!!

Let’s take a moment and be thankful to this lockdown for providing many of us a much needed rest or home vacation! While we all were running at the speed of light every day, this is the time to sit back, relax and think about how to make our lives better and fruitful. Isn’t it?

Depending on how quickly this pandemic gets under control, our lives could run back on the same track, probably at a faster speed than before. So why not to utilize this time for a better tomorrow, learn about ourselves again and become the best version ever? Well, let’s move ahead to a positive gateway and scroll down for resolving those entire ‘Why’s and How’s’ that might be running in your beautiful mind right now.

9 Questions & Answers On How To Enrich Yourself During Lockdown?

Q1. What is the Meaning of Enriching Ourselves?

Enriching Ourselves

In the most simple words, enriching ourselves is adding something to our body, mind and soul. Learning new things, activities that bring health and peace, and looking inward, reflecting on our life, is enrichment to us humans in a broad sense.

Human beings and their system is designed in such a way that they can enrich themselves everyday with potential resources inside and outside the body. Self-enrichment literally means the act or process of increasing one’s intellectual, spiritual or physical aspects. For example, reading, deep meditation or exercises account to enriching ourselves in different manners. It also means improving self-quality by adding positive activities for yourself.

Q2. What are Some Things I can do for Self-Enhancement?


There are hundreds of activities that help enhance your intellectual, spiritual and physical attributes. All you have to do is pick the right ones and work upon them till you are content and happy. For example:

  • Start reading one good newspaper article every day and slowly improve your reading speed and number of articles.
  • Learning a new language that you always wanted to.
  • Polish your makeup or nail art
  • Repair your old clothes and save money for the future.
  • Try your hands on musical instruments and dive into the musical world
  • Update your CV to get into new opportunities as soon as lockdown is over.
  • Get into basic to advanced Yoga lessons
  • Learn how to code
  • Send e-cards to show your love and gratitude to loved ones
  • Paint or sketch for skill development
  • Give a makeover to your room
  • Read that book you’ve left ignored in the bookshelf for so long
  • Give yourself a rejuvenating skin and hair care
  • Try cooking new dishes everyday
  • Promise yourself to quit a bad habit

Well, we have given you some of the examples to get inspiration from. You are absolutely free to pick any of the above or create a new one for yourself. Remember that whatever you choose to do, it must take you a notch higher than today. Check out the list of activities to keep you happy and engaged during lockdown! And don’t forget to smile during your favorite activities.

Q3. How to Find a Hobby for Myself? Are There any Digital Solutions for The Same? 

How to Find a Hobby for Myself

Close your eyes and go back to your childhood memories. Find the activities you loved doing then, or watched others do them, wishing one day you would also be able to do something like that. Well TODAY may be that day! Dancing, gardening, painting, coloring, etc. could be some examples. Bring out your guitar from the attic or get that tool kit from the garage, order a canvas and colors, get a cross-trainer; there are so many things that you always postponed for want to time, now you have ample time to revisit each one of them. Even if you cannot find one, some self-research of what you love to do in your pastime will definitely give you the answer. Just pick one at a time and begin to polish it with dedication.

Yes, we understand that you might not be able to reach enough tangible resources due to lockdown but thanks to technology, dear! Online books, classes or videos for anything you wish to learn are available. Be it coding, origami, learning guitar, buying a new book, polishing makeup skills or cooking, various digital solutions are present. Stay dedicated to one of them, pick another one when done and you are definitely at a better stage right after the lockdown. Moreover, your confidence and positive attitude will tag along with you as you step out of your homes later. We are sure you want that.

Q4. ‘I don’t feel Like Doing Anything During This Lockdown and Rather Anxious Sitting at Home. What Should I Do?’ 

Doing Anything During This Lockdown

We’ll write it in bold, “IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL TO FEEL ANXIOUS” during lockdown. The word pandemic already has panic in it. Remember that you are not alone. There are millions of people like you who are facing the same situation. These millions of people are trying to cope up. They are all hopeful that one day, this too shall pass! What you need to ensure is that you do not let this time slip through your fingers like sand. You need to make the most out of what fate has in store for you. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Staying away from your routine life and experiencing behavioral changes during the rest are common including irritability, stress, restlessness, racing thoughts, etc. But try looking at the situation in another manner? Let us give you an insight.

By staying at home during lockdown, you are able to make a safe distance from the grave situation of the world. Moreover, saving money, letting the environment heal, being there for your family, and eating healthy are some of the positives you might have skipped, right? Yet, if anxiety is stopping you from self-enrichment, start the process by learning how to deal with your anxiety right away and practice breathing techniques to keep yourself grounded.

We all have to learn to come to terms with this new reality, embrace it with positivity, and all of us have to come out with a triumphant smile at the end of it. For this to happen, we will have to get up and start doing things!

Q5. Can I Go Out for a Workout during Lockdown?

Go Out for a Workout during Lockdown

This question has two different parts! Our mind plays wonderful games with us. When the mind wants to go out, it creates an excuse to satisfy this desire by telling us to go out and exercise.

Well, it’s a big NO to go out when all the experts are advising to stay safe at home. And why do we need to go out for workout when online videos, apps and instructions are available for guidance. Be it Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or HIIT. Try them this time at home. Remember that you may never get a chance to try these exercises in your home later, so grab the opportunity with a positive attitude.

And when you are getting a chance to try the workout with your family members, why not? Ask your mom, dad, partner or siblings to join in as well and enjoy a great time together. We would also remind you to not to skip the workout regime or start one if you were not regular as exercises keep you overall balanced.

Q6. How is Meditation Helpful When We are Stuck at Home?

Meditation Helpful

Human mind is the most powerful processor. All the anxiety, restlessness, irritability, discomfort, hopelessness arises from the mind. It is like a fire in the mind burning your body. Meditation douses this fire and brings peace and harmony in the body.

No matter how much you try to keep yourself physically fit, your mental fitness is equally important. Imagine being focused on improving your health during workout and now again imagine thinking about office tasks during workout. Which one would you enjoy more? We are sure that focused ones are far greater.

This is why meditation is equally important during the lockdown in order to clear out the unnecessary thoughts, improve concentration, release stress, enhance will power, incubate compassion and stay happy. Thankfully, you have best guided meditation for stress, body scan meditation for mindfulness, meditation apps and a detailed guide for Dynamic meditation.

Q7. Is it Alright to Get Back to My Lost Relationship During Lockdown?

Relationship During Lockdown

Only if you are ready for it! An idle brain is a devil’s workshop, and the Devil thrives on temptation! You may be tempted to undo the mistakes of the past or get back to your lost love but that may just be a passing feeling because you do not have anything else on your mind.

Lockdown is giving you really great opportunities to enrich yourself and thinking that your lost love may be ready to take you back is speculation. Before you take any such step, analyze if you really want to regain it back or it is a temporary feeling. Ask yourself if you would be happy after getting back or is it just an overpowering feeling? Moreover, it is also important to find if the other person is also thinking the way you do!

We would say that instead of thinking about what you have left in your past, think about what you can do in the present moment. Invest your time in making the best version of yourself so that future gets brightened. Believe in yourself and you will undoubtedly be able to cope with the feelings with your diverted efforts. Maybe your better self attracts your lost love back to you!

Q8. Work From Home is not Giving Me Enough Time for Upgrading Myself. What Should I do?

Work From Home

We are sure you are acquainted with the term ‘Time Management’. If you go through your everyday routine in your mind now, you may be able to figure out all those places where your time is being saved. Working from home is definitely helping you to save commute hours, gossiping with friends, traveling to new destinations or taking a detour to meet your date.

Now can you balance the time you are saving with a productive outcome? Even if you can give yourself 1 or 2 hours to indulge in something that you love, it is definitely worth it. Before or after working hours, just get into the habit of making yourself better. It is as simple as it sounds, try from now on!

Q9. Do Relationships Matter to Improve Ourselves? If Yes then How to Improve Relationships in Lockdown?

How to Improve Relationships in Lockdown

The way we make our relationship with others is really important for our mental and emotional well-being. With the company of your loved ones, you feel stress free, enjoy a longer life, heal better from any kind of pain and improve your overall lifestyle. Lockdown might have been keeping you apart but communication is certainly the best way to keep yourselves engaged. Phone calls, video calls, sending each other relevant GIFs and beautiful messages are so great to keep the spark lighten up. There is always someone whose message notification on your phone gives you that happy feeling and brightens your day, no matter what the actual message is! Remember that you are also that ray of hope for someone, so keep in touch, even if it’s just to say Hi!

Improve your relationship by sending each other ecards, greet each other every day, write a handwritten love letter and send the shot, make a virtual cupcake, set up an online candle light dinner, exercise together and show your love & gratitude. Don’t forget to read the long distance relationship guide for more!

If you are fortunate enough to stay together with your loved ones, there cannot be anything better than this. Show your love with morning coffee, combined Yoga classes, massaging each other’s heads and warm hugs. Once again, remember that you might not get to spend such a great home vacation after lockdown, so utilize it as much as possible.


With all these questions and their answers, we are sure that you will not see the  lockdown as a hindrance but look at it with positivity and convert it into an opportunity. We would like to know how you are planning on spending your lockdown to improve yourself in the comment section below! Stay home, stay safe.

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