Phone Therapy | Is Therapy Over The Phone Effective?

Phone Therapy

Technology is an amazing tool. With one click all your needs can be brought to your doorstep. Technology has also made accessing therapy and counseling easy. Whatever the reason – long-distance or expensive – many people don’t want the inconvenience of visiting a therapist in-person. These days there are apps available to help with this service.

Over-the-call therapy or phone therapy, in other words, is effective for many. There are helpline numbers to help a person if they’re having suicidal thoughts and require immediate help. Typically, phone therapy is offered by either trained therapists/counselors, or volunteers.

Like every treatment technique for mental health illness, phone therapy requires you to understand the scope of your needs and requirements or that the therapy fulfills your conditions.

Benefits Of Phone Therapy

1. Distance doesn’t matter

Distance doesn’t matter

With telephonic therapy, you can reach out to a therapist no matter where they are located. There are some stipulations to phone therapy. While an in-person therapy can last for an hour or so, over the call, the time could be an issue.

In most cases, phone therapy is more effective than face-to-face therapy. Many people are afraid to open up to a person while sitting in front of them but on over-the-call therapy, a person might be able to open up without fearing judgment.

For instance, people with agoraphobia, or other social anxiety disorder might find it difficult to go to an in-person therapy session but a phone session might help them with their difficulty.

2. It is affordable

it is affordable

Many people find it difficult to afford the cost of a face-to-face session with a trained therapist. Telephonic therapy is affordable and can help you save the extra cost of traveling to your therapist’s office as well.

Phone therapy cuts down your and your therapist’s transportation cost, rent, and other utility costs making it more affordable than traditional in-person therapy. There are many online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and TalkSpace that provide text and phone therapy.

3. It is more convenient and accessible

convenient and accessible

Many times we can’t cut back our working hours to maintain our appointments. In those cases, phone therapy is a more convenient tool to keep up with your sessions. Over-the-call therapy is accessible from anywhere and anytime. These kinds of therapies have special numbers to help with people with suicidal tendencies, hence available 24/7.

Phone therapy is useful for people with physical impairments and for people who live in rural areas.

Does It Work?

Phone therapy is not recommended for people with serious mental health disorders. Phone therapy might not be able to provide effective cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) to help. Along with this, many therapists rely on reading and recognizing body language, postures, and facial expressions to understand their client’s needs.

Phone therapy is effective for people seeking talk therapy. With an over-the-call session, you could talk about your feelings and emotions and get a clear understanding of distinguishing them to help you with your mental and emotional health.

Although, if you require medication along with therapy, it is suggested you go with traditional in-person therapy.

phone therapy

When you are on call with your therapist, it might be easy to think of them as a friend than a counselor which might create certain problems considering professional boundaries. While for many getting comfortable to open up about their issues might be helpful, for some, it may not be that helpful.

Telephonic therapy is confidential and a safe space to get the guidance and support you’re seeking. There are licensed and trained counselors to provide you with healthy coping techniques, self-help strategies, and advise you when you need it.

The end goal of every therapy is to provide help and support to better your mental and emotional wellbeing. Your therapist is just a phone call away. What you need to remember is to get help if you need it.

Stay strong and keep fighting!


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    Some time phone therapy is the best because time consuming and cost effective also so some time it is very good .

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