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Swarnakshi Sharma September 21st, 2023 · 6min read

Cheers to You! Why And How to Be Your Own Cheerleader

Can you imagine having a personal cheerleading squad – all complete with colorful pom-poms and catchy chants – rooting for you whenever you set out to do something exciting? I can! Now imagine this; the captain of the cheerleading squad is *drumroll* YOU! Yes, you read it right. You can be your own cheerleader!

Being your own cheerleader means giving yourself the same kind of motivation, inspiration, and enthusiastic support and encouragement that you’d expect from your most loyal fans! To be your own cheerleader means to be your biggest advocate, even when the world seems determined to bring you down.

If you ask me, I can tell you that being your biggest supporter is a tough job when you don’t seem to believe in yourself or extend appreciation to yourself where it matters the most. After all, a cheerleader too needs to have something worthy to cheer for.

So, does it matter, being your own cheerleader? If yes, then how can you become your own cheerleader? Let’s read on!

Why Does Being Your Own Cheerleader Matter?

Now, you might wonder, “Why do I need to be a cheerleader for myself?” Even though you might feel that being a cheerleader is others’ job, being your own cheerleader means having a secret superpower.

When life throws curveballs after curveballs at you from every angle, and when your external cheerleader aka your support system is not available or is unable to determine what you need, your internal cheerleader aka yourself can be helpful.

When you cheer for yourself, you become resilient, self-reliant, and better able to dodge the challenges life throws at you.

Have you ever danced a happy little dance when you received some good news or did something that made you feel accomplished? If yes, then you’re already a cheerleader! This means that you hardly rely on others to validate your performance or behaviors because you’re well-equipped to do it yourself. You mark your accomplishments and celebrate the small wins when they matter the most. That’s what being your own cheerleader does to you.

So, let’s quickly dive into the fun part and read the simple yet effective ways you can be your own cheerleader!

10 Ways to Become Your Own Cheerleader

1. Write yourself encouraging notes:

One of the best ways to be your own cheerleader is to leave little notes around your house with encouraging words and messages on them. I do this every week. I leave a post-it note in places where I’m likely to come across them and have my personal cheerleading squad, any place, any time.

2. Dance a happy little dance:

Crank up the volume of your favorite songs and dance a happy little dance. It doesn’t have to be perfectly choreographed, just a graceful flailing of your limbs can count. Try this to cheer yourself up and see how freeing it feels.

3. Affirm your way to happiness:

Create daily affirmations that remind you of your worth and abilities. Repeat them every morning or write them down before you begin your day, and soon, you’ll see how these little affirmations worm into your bones to cheer you up when you need them.

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4. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small:

You need to learn to celebrate your small victories. Don’t wait for big accomplishments to pat your back and congratulate yourself. Even the smallest tasks deserve a pat on the back. Whenever you do something, celebrate it and congratulate yourself.

5. Be self-compassionate:

You can’t be a good cheerleader if you can’t say encouraging words to yourself. If you make a mistake, tell yourself, “It’s OK”. We all make mistakes and a little self-compassion can go a long way to make yourself feel better. You’ll cheer up a friend if they make a mistake, right? Then why can’t you be compassionate with yourself for the same?

6. Dress for success:

Another fun way to be your own cheerleader is to dress up for success. Wear outfits that make you feel confident – it could be anything from a sharp-cut suit, your favorite hoodie, or a casual dress. What you choose to wear can also bring a lot of confidence in how you act.

7. Create a vision board:

You can cheer yourself up by creating a vision board too. This vision board can be a visual representation of your dreams and goals. You can hang this board where you can see it every day, where it reminds you of what you’re working towards.

8. Talk positive with yourself:

Being your own cheerleader means you need to spare yourself all negative words and fill your inner voice with positivity. You can replace negative talk with positive affirmations. From “I can’t do this”, you can go to, “I will give my best shot at this.

9. Create an “I Am” jar:

This is what I love the most. Fill a jar with little notes that describe your strengths and accomplishments. Whenever you feel the need for a boost, pull out a note and remind yourself of your best strengths and achievements. Now, what could be better than this when it comes to being your own cheerleader?

10. Pay attention to “me time” rituals:

Dedicate time to self-care and “me time” rituals that make you feel pampered and loved. You can try a warm bubble bath, a session of mindfulness meditation, or read your comfort book with a hot cup of tea. The last one is one of my favorite “me time” rituals so do give it a try and see how well you cheer yourself up!

A Note From The Author…

Being your own cheerleader is a fun-filled experience and journey where you learn something about yourself every day. When you become your own cheerleader, you create a supportive, nurturing, and encouraging relationship with yourself – one pom-pom shake and enthusiastic chant at a time!

So, become your own cheerleader today. Grab that metaphorical microphone and cheer for the star of the show aka YOU!

I hope this article will inspire you enough to become your own cheerleader. Let me know what you think about having yourself as your cheerleader in the comments below. And if you have any tips and ways to share with us, feel free to do so in the section below.

Take Care and Stay Happy!

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