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Productivity Anxiety

Podcast Ep. 26 – Is Productivity Anxiety A Thing

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~…

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Mental Health & LGBTQ+

Podcast Ep. 37 -Mental Health & LGBTQ+

“Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.” - P.C. Cast The LGBTQ+…

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Life's boundaries

Podcast Ep. 38 – Face Discomfort Everyday To Break The Boundaries

Have you ever faced a comfort zone so unproductive that you just want to break…

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How To Deal With Valentine's Day Anxiety

Podcast Ep. 36- How To Deal With Valentine’s Day Anxiety

Are you also feeling knots in your stomach with the mention of upcoming Valentine’s day?…

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Do Not Let The Distortions Define You

Podcast Ep. 34 – Do Not Let The Distortions Define You | Fix the Glitch

Do you often let others define you and tell you what is best for you?…

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Protect your peace

Podcast Ep. 33 – Protecting Your Peace

The paths of life could act as a whirlwind unless you protect your own peace.…

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Are You Numbing Yourself To Your Emotions

Podcast Ep. 32- Are You Numbing Yourself To Your Emotions

Emotional numbness is when you shut yourself and lock your emotions away deep down inside you. This…

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Changing-the-perspective-of-life podcast

Podcast Ep. 18 – Change the PERSPECTIVE OF LIFE to Make it Large

Are you enjoying your life the way it is or you are exploring new ways…

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Podcast Ep. 19- The Subtle Art Of Not Taking Things Personally

There are many things that can stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. One…

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