Podcast Ep. 40 –Finding The Courage To Change Your Life. You’ve Got This!

Have you ever wondered what is change? What does ‘change’ mean to you? What do you need to do to change? Is it determination? Dedication? Inspiration? Or a combination of all? Overcoming fear to ...

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Podcast Ep. 39 – What I Learned from My Covid 19 Experience

COVID - 19 has had a deep impact on our lives. It sure changed the way we use to live. And, yes, it has taken a toll on our lives; yet, there are various life lessons that it has taught us. It has tau...

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Podcast Ep. 38 – Face Discomfort Everyday To Break The Boundaries

Have you ever faced a comfort zone so unproductive that you just want to break out of it? does the comfort zone itch your inner soul? Well, if that is happening then it means you are growing better. T...

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Podcast Ep. 37 -Mental Health & LGBTQ+

“Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.” - P.C. Cast The LGBTQ+ community represents a wide range of individuals of different genders, sexual identities, and orientations...

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Podcast Ep. 36- How To Deal With Valentine’s Day Anxiety

Are you also feeling knots in your stomach with the mention of upcoming Valentine’s day? DOes it affect you so much that you hibernate the whole day. Do you feel like looking at couples around you m...

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Podcast Ep. 35 –Don’t Miss These Mental Health Practices To Stay Positive In 2021

“Good mental health needs practice - it’s not a static state of being,” says Urvashi Bhatia, a Delhi-based psychologist and mental health counsellor. She further adds that these tips will help y...

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Podcast Ep. 34 – Do Not Let The Distortions Define You | Fix the Glitch

Do you often let others define you and tell you what is best for you? Well, it is fine till you take it in the form of inspiration and not the roadmap of your life. The reality that others try to por...

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Podcast Ep. 33 – Protecting Your Peace

The paths of life could act as a whirlwind unless you protect your own peace. The peace within you remains at its place when you follow rules like self-preparedness, let go of the negativities and fig...

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Podcast Ep. 32- Are You Numbing Yourself To Your Emotions

Emotional numbness is when you shut yourself and lock your emotions away deep down inside you. This numbness can take your ability to think, feel, and react to situations as you should. Emotional nu...

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