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Curated & Brewed Over Coffee!

Immerse yourself in our posts and be swept away to a world that is separate from yours.
Thus, unraveling from all the dilemmas, stress & problems you might have.

Quizzes to Discover Your True Self

Our free quiz can help you take a proactive approach to your mental health and wellness!

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Stories of HOPE

Sharing is caring! Encourage and inspire others with your stories. Your experiences can give them the
courage to face their fears, overcome their struggles, and come out stronger.


We Love to Hear Your Story

Motivate and uplift others through your stories. Your personal narratives can become a beacon of hope, resilience, and courage in the twilight of stormy seas and inspire them to come out stronger and braver.

Podcasts & Webinars

We host regular online interactive discussions, events & share podcasts that address mental health issues & helps when you want to laugh, cry or find a way to unwind!

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Therapy Resources

Calm Sage aims to provide therapy resources to help you find effective solutions
to mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Help is just a click away!

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We Are Here For You!

A self-improvement project with a focus on Personal Productivity, Motivation & Self Education. The goal is to create an environment of mutual support, where people can meet from all across the globe to solve problems related to anxiety, depression, negative thinking, stress, moodiness &
other mental illness.

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