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Swarnakshi Sharma August 1st, 2022 · 1min read

Podcast Ep. 40 –Finding The Courage To Change Your Life. You’ve Got This!

Have you ever wondered what is change? What does ‘change’ mean to you? What do you need to do to change? Is it determination? Dedication? Inspiration? Or a combination of all?

Overcoming fear to bring change in your life isn’t easy. But finding the courage to change means taking one step forward to experience happiness. We often worry over “What ifs” and in doing so we forget to live in the present and focus on what we do have. The idea of leaving our comfort zone, the safety of what we have can be challenging to
comprehend but have you ever imagined what will happen if you take a step out of your comfort zone and find happiness waiting around the corner?

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn how finding the courage to change your life is finding the possibilities of happiness.

Happiness is right around the corner if you’re willing to take the leap!

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Happy Listening!

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