About Us

Who Are We?

Think of Calm Sage as of an aware being who understands the troubles of mental wellbeing. We understand the effects of poor mental health and how they inversely impact someone’s psychology. We believe that the first step towards changing the world’s perspective of mental health is to talk about the issues associated with it. 

We at Calm Sage intend to help people understand the core of mental health issues and guide them through positive personality and lifestyle changes, to help them battle stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. 

Through its content, Calm Sage works towards raising awareness regarding mental health and provide assistance and comfort to those in need of a listener. We offer our readers a platform to share their stories of struggles with mental health issues and connect people so that we all can collectively support those who are still affected by them. 

Our Challenge

We believe that the issues associated with mental wellbeing sustain because people do not talk about it. While we dream of a progressive society and culture, we tend to discard this barrier that dreams is facing. Calm Sage wants people not just to understand mental health issues but also wants them to talk about it publicly. We intend to impart a practice where these issues are discussed in open so that they can be dealt more effectively with emotional and professional assistance and care. 

Our Belief

We believe that our work can put a smile on a billion faces. By offering people a platform to understand and discuss mental health issues, we believe that we will create a collaborative social structure whose only goal would be to promote happiness, channel positivity, and strengthen your soul.