The Vicious Cycle Of Self-Betrayal

The relationship of you and your inner soul defines your inner peace. A positive mindset establishes peace and happiness. However, the only thing which comes between your roads to peace is self-betray...

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The Social Dilemma: How Social Media is Leading Our Lives

Stars (Till Date): 4.8 out of 5 Directed by: Jeff Orlowski Genre: Documentary, Drama Duration: 1h 29m Platform: Netflix To begin with the baseline of the documentary, The Social Dilemma is c...

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What Is Nature Therapy? | Types & Benefits

Finding solace in nature is not easy in this hustle and bustle of city life. Historically nature therapy has proven to be an effective way of treating ailments, especially for lung infections. With in...

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The Truth Behind 10,000 Hours Rule | Learn To Master Your Skills Now

Have you heard of the 10,000 hours rule? And no we are not talking about Justin Beiber’s song. We are referring to the 10,000 hours rule to mastery. If you are practicing it then it is time for you...

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Understanding Color Psychology: Effects of Colors on Emotions

"Color helps to express light - not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that is the artist's brain." - Henri Matisse The physical world and the psychological world is ...

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World Alzheimer’s Day 2020 | Caring For a Loved one with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Day is observed every year on September 21 all over the world. Alzheimer’s is a cumulative disease that causes memory and cognitive impairment. The most common form of dementia, Alzhei...

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Understanding Dementia | Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

Dementia is a syndrome that progressively affects a person’s cognitive ability. The decline in cognitive functioning impacts emotional and social control. Dementia is not only harmful for the people...

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Why You Should Not Neglect Ongoing Therapy?

Personally speaking, when I started to visit my therapist, with time we developed a bond that is strong, friendly, and unbreakable. Still, I visit my therapist even when I feel perfect, just to check ...

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50+ Self-reflection Journaling Prompts| Time to Introspect Your Inner Self

Do you ever wish to look inside of yourself? Then why not practice self-reflection journaling? Writing down your thoughts and self-reflection are found to be closely related (even research suppo...

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