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The Emotion Wheel

The Emotion Wheel: Primary Emotions, Benefits & How To Use It!

I am sure you must have heard of an emotion wheel before but do you…

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why less is more

Why Less Is More And Why It Should Be Your Mantra In Life

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase,…

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Best Motivational Podcasts

15 Best Motivational Podcasts on Spotify & Follow Them For Good

When everything seems stagnant in life or when you feel worn down by the routine,…

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6 Best Wearable Tech Devices For Improving Mental Health

Increasing mental health concerns call for a life-savor option now! Everyone is dealing with stress,…

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10 Simple Steps On How To Deal With Loneliness

When we talk about being alone, we often think about sitting in a cold room,…

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Relationship Burnout

Are You Experiencing Relationship Burnout? Check Out The Signs!

When your relationship is new, everything looks rosy and everything feels exciting, if not intense.…

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Interesting Facts About Eating Disorders In Midlife

Interesting Facts About Eating Disorders In Midlife!

Previously eating disorders were thought to be a young girl’s problem. The entire research work…

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What Are The Physical Effects Of Depression on Human Body

We’ve always heard and read how depression can affect us emotionally but have we ever…

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What is Filial Therapy: Techniques and Benefits

Filial therapy is a combination of family therapy and play therapy. Filial therapy is for those…

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