Understanding Mental Health Disorders Through Childhood Animated Characters

Do you know what is common between you, me, and millions of people around the globe? We all grew up watching Cartoon and Disney! You have to give me this one! Didn’t we use to wait to get back home...

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12 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month (Virtually And Non-Virtually) 2021

As we all know, June is celebrated as Pride month worldwide. This month is a great month to celebrate the equal rights of the LGBTQ community. Pride month is a call for acceptance and celebration of i...

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15 Mental Health Resources For LGBTQ+ Community

No matter how hard we allies try to support the LGBTQ community, still, there are people in this world who try to discriminate against them and abuse them verbally. However, this does not mean the end...

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Why Giving Unsolicited Advice Can Cause Stress & How To Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice

Now passing on good advice is always appreciated but giving advice that is unwanted and unasked-for isn’t. Many people rely on others’ guidance and suggestions to make decisions but regardless of ...

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Subtle Signs Of Verbal Abuse & What Can You Do About It

When we talk or hear about abuse, our minds automatically translate the word into some sort of physical attack but did you know that physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse. Verbal abuse is a sub...

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Amotivational Syndrome: What Is It & Is It Connected To Cannabis?

Amotivational syndrome is a severe psychiatric condition which is capable of changing a person’s emotions and cognitive ability. The person dealing with syndrome may experience low concentration pow...

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7 Best Ways To Deal With Emotional Stress

Emotions are something that should not be feared but embraced and enjoyed. Even negative emotions such as worry, fear, and anger are something that we should embrace because they give us purpose. Emo...

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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Indeed, life is full of roller coasters and every day is not the same. Similarly, everyone’s experiences through struggles and hard times are different. Some people can overcome them easily meanwhil...

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Are You Doom Scrolling | 5 Effective Ways to Stop It

Do you often find yourself scrolling through your phone aimlessly, without paying much attention to it? And all of sudden you will find yourself in a pool of information that you were not even looking...

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