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Suramya Kaushal

Psychologist || Mental Health Professional

Anxiety, stress, Depression, communication, Psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy
M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology
More than 7 Years of Experience As Mental Health Professional


Suramya Kaushal is a Psychologist and a certified REBT & Solution Based counselling practitioner. She Has Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has been providing counselling for Anxiety, Stress management, family and relationship counselling.


Why We Conform to Others’ Expectations [ With Ways to Fight Back ]

When you’re a fresh-out-of-college graduate, stepping into the “real” world feels intimidating. You meet and…

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How Is Behavior Therapy Different From Psychoanalysis?

Our minds are a work of miracle and mystery, and sometimes, we need guidance to…

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Why CBT Doesnt Work for Trauma And PTSD

Why CBT Isn’t Always an Effective Approach For Trauma And PTSD

Living with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be like making your way through…

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Finding Calm With The Humming Bee Breath Technique | Benefits, How-to, And More

Our lives are too busy with little time to find moments of peace and calm.…

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ADHD In Women Why ADHD Symptoms Differ In Women

ADHD In Women: Why ADHD Symptoms Differ In Women?

According to a recent survey, women in the USA are highly concerned about their physical…

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Understanding Inattentive ADHD Type In Adults And Children

One of the warning signs of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is inattentiveness, and when most…

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Puerto Rico Syndrome Or Panic Attack

Puerto Rico Syndrome Or Panic Attack? What Is It?

Puerto Rico Syndrome is a psychiatric condition often seen in Latin people. The syndrome has…

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Financial Trauma

Financial Trauma: Recognizing its Signs, Impact, and How to Deal With It

Let’s start with the truth - money matters. Whether we want it or not, the…

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