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Akanksha Soni December 27th, 2023 · 10min read

10 Best Online Anger Management Classes Of 2024

Anger is a natural human emotion and its presence is alright until it gets out of control. People who tend to get uncontrollably angry could face both mental and physical problems like headaches, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.

Not only this, but such outbursts can also impact personal and professional relations with the person in question falling prey to negativity. There can be a case when you are suggested to join anger management classes to work on your emotions and anger.

This is why Calm Sage has picked some of the best online anger management classes so you may enrich yourself with positive energy and smile despite any changes in your surroundings.

Quick Summary Of The Best Online Anger Management Courses:

List of Most Affordable Anger Management Classes Online:

Check out the 9 Most Affordable Online Anger Management Course.

1. Best for Private Counseling: BetterHelp

Cost: Starts $35 per month

Duration: Varies on subscription

Unique Features

  • Individual, couple, and teenage counseling
  • Licensed and accredited professionals
  • Connect with your mobile or desktop anytime
  • Get 20% Off with Coupon Code “CalmSage”

About The Course: 

We are sure that when more than 4000 experienced professionals come together to calm your anger down, you would feel more calm and confident about life. You need to fill a brief questionnaire first after which you are assigned a chat room where your communications remain secure.

You may not be able to find court-approved anger management classes here but speaking about your personal problems in private is calm enough for your mental health.

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2. Best Overall: Udemy

Cost: $174.99 but usually fluctuates

Duration: 3 hours

Unique Features

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • A completion certificate is provided

About The Course:

One of the best online anger management courses, it helps you find your dominant anger type and gives you the idea of why you are getting angry again and again. It helps in making you realize your anger before it bursts into flames while introducing you to amazing breathing techniques.

With time, you will find yourself more emotionally aware and able to heal negative emotions. The instructor Ken Wells is known for providing a high-quality anger management course and shoots interesting examples to unglue from the anger.

3. Best for Managing Emotions: Coursera

Cost: NA (Free enrollment available)

Duration: 10 hours

Unique Features

  • Provide knowledge, skills and strategies to manage emotions
  • Unique for school staff members like teachers, counselors, principals, etc.
  • Provide relevant resources and ideas

About the course:

The course by Yale University is focused on providing social and emotional skills to the school staff like teachers, counselors as well as non-teaching staff. They teach you how emotions can hinder in making decisions, relationships, health and performance of a person. As you understand about them, gradually you will find action strategies to manage these emotions for a positive outcome. It might not exactly be an anger management course but it does help you grow in a healthy and productive way.

4. Best Anger Management Toolbox:

Cost: Starts $31.96 per week (Basic)

Duration: Depends on user according to the plan subscribed

Unique Features

  • Highly qualified therapists with treatments drawn from CBT
  • Your privacy is well-respected
  •  Live chats and messages
  • Get 20% Off on First Month of Therapy

About The Course: 

You may want to consider this as the best online anger management class looking at all the services toolbox at one place. Online-therapy not only helps with anger but also other issues like addiction, stress, anxiety, procrastination, depression, etc., and their courses are approved by various courts.

The online therapy toolbox has a number of therapists, worksheets. activity plans, journal writing, live chats and much more that you would always feel assisted during anger management courses. Yoga and meditation is a great way to keep yourself fit, hence the videos are available to boost happiness within.

5. Best for an Online Certificate of Completion: Open Path

Cost: Starts from $17 to $115

Duration: Vary from 4 hours to 52 hours

Unique Features

  • Hard copy certificate with gold foil seal on completion of the course
  • Various price plans as required
  • Flexible course timings to fit your schedule

About The Course:

Knowing that you have to take this course, OpenPath gives you an option to pick the course from 4 hours to 52 hours starting from $17 as basic price. In this online anger management course, you will understand what anger looks and feels like, understand why it shows up and learn how to gain back your life away from anger.

You will also be finding more about emotional intelligence in order to develop personal relationships, be at home or work. The world definitely becomes a better place without anger and this course helps in realizing the same.

6. Best Tips & Guidance For Anger Management: Dr. John Schinnerer

Cost: NA

Duration: 10 to 15 hours

Unique Features

  • Best anger management tools by Dr. John
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Personalized certificate of completion

About The Course:

Curated by Dr. John Schinnerer, these anger management classes offer a simple solution to complex problems like anger, irritability, and annoyance. His idea revolves around substituting anger with positive feelings and the guidance is simply beautiful.

You can attend the anger management classes online weekly or simply order the whole pack if you don’t feel like waiting. Apart from anger, he also trains to manage stress, depression, and anxiety with different psychology exercises. His book ‘How can I be happy’ and personal blogs are also cheerful to read if someone wishes to get into the depth of soul search.

7. Best for 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: My Court Class

Cost: Starts $55

Duration: 4 hours to 52 hours

Unique Features

  • tart immediately as soon as you pick your class
  • Receive your certificate as soon as you finish your final exams
  • 30 days money back guarantee

About The Course :

How easy it is to manage your anger and how helpful online classes are could be understood here. You have class options from 4 hours to 52 hours and you can pick as and one you require. The course introduces anger management, expressions, forgiveness and importance of self-talk.

Apart from this, there are numerous video tutorials, quizzes, and classes on how to build self-esteem. You will end the session with official certification and thankfully, managed anger.

8. Best Workbook: Anger Management Training

Cost: Starts $65

Duration: 8 hours to 24 hours

Unique Features

  • Nationally recognized certificate of completion
  • Free book ‘The Anger Busting Workbook’ by noted author James A. Baker
  • Course designed by experienced Lawyer

About The Course :

This online anger management therapy gives you a similar experience as a regular classroom with self-scoring classes and immediate access to certificates. You would like to see the division of classes in a clear step-by-step manner so that one gets to free from anger comfortably.

The program is designed by a Lawyer who is experienced with extensive family court experience and knowledge. In fact, the certificate is acceptable by most of the courts.

9. Best for Self paced and Self-study Classes: Anger Masters

Signup Now with Anger Masters

Cost: Multiple courses starting from $24.99

Duration: Per hour or weekly

Unique features:

  • Certificate accepted in all states equally
  • Could be accessed from any device
  • Developed by NAMA instructor

About the course:

Coming up with complete online anger management classes, this is preferred by so many people due to its affordability and flexible duration. All the courses are developed by NAMA instructors so that no one is suppressing their emotions and feel negative about it.

It is understandable that anger is an obstacle and its presence can even coincide with a number of disorders. Keeping it all in mind, these anger management classes are designed in a modified tone.

10. Best For Court-Ordered Anger Management Classes: Mastering Anger

Signup Now with Mastering Anger 

Cost: Starts $69

Duration: 4 hours to 52 hours

Unique Features

  • Self-paced court-approved anger management classes
  • Nationally recognized by courts and institutions
  • 24/7 easy access through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop
  • 30-day refund guaranteed if the certificate is rejected

About The Course:

Managing anger can be easy when you have a structure to follow. With Mastering Anger’s court-approved anger management class, you can devote your time and energy to complete courses that range from 4 hours to 52 hours, and you can pick the one that suits your needs the best.

Mastering Anger’s anger management courses are nationally recognized with a 30-day refund guarantee if the certificate is not accepted. In this course, you get online lessons and quizzes. The courses can also teach you how to express yourself healthily, and reduce the unpleasant effects of unhealthy anger, such as headaches, sleeplessness, and stomach issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it possible to take anger management courses online without a court order?

 Yes, absolutely. Websites like BetterHelp are providing courses online without a court order but licensed professionals help you to solve personal issues with ease.

Q2. Are there any free online classes or courses I can take to manage anger?

Various platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Udacity, YouTube, etc. provide free trials, free certificates after course completion, and discount offers for anger management classes.

Q3. What is the best online class to manage anger according to Calmsage?

Every online class has amazing features to offer but based on cost, counselors, availability of lessons quickly and potential support, we recommend Online-Therapy.Com. Apart from this, Udemy has numerous courses to apply for online anger management classes and one can go through them one by one to pick the best.

Q4. Do anger management courses help?

They do! these courses help a person to understand the reasons for his anger, various techniques to calm it down, support of multiple professionals, and the flow of positive emotions. Moreover, some of these courses even return the money if you are not satisfied with the services. So, it is best to indulge in the anger management course for sure.

Q5. Which Is The Best Online Anger Management Class?

We would also like to know which one you liked from the list, so do not forget to drop your suggestions in the comment section below. You can even recommend more classes and we will definitely try to add them up to the list.

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