Arachnophobia, Cynophobia, Aerophobia, Agoraphobia, Coulrophobia… want to know more about them and other phobias? Take a look at our guides on various phobias and how to cope with them!


Gynophobia: Sign, Causes & Treatment

Gynophobia, the fear of women! I did not know that someone would develop a fear…

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Effects Of Phobia

5 Common Effects Of Phobia And Irrational Fear On Your Mental Health

Phobia or irrational fear is a condition that can make you feel vulnerable despite what…

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What is teraphobia

Monsters Under Your Bed: What Is Teraphobia & How To Cope?

As a kid, did the thought of monsters hidden below your bed frighten you? Did…

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Afraid Of The Dark This Is How Nyctophobia Looks Like

Afraid Of The Dark? This Is How Nyctophobia Looks Like (And How To Cope With It)

Maybe as a child, you were afraid of the dark but as you grew your…

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Hospitals make you anxious? Here’s how to cope with hospital phobia

Have you ever been to hospitals and felt anxious? In the past two years many…

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An Overview Of Angrophobia

An Overview Of Angrophobia: The Fear Of Anger Or Becoming Angry

Anger is a common emotion we feel almost daily. Whether it is because someone cut…

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Understanding Phagophobia: Can Someone Be Afraid Of Swallowing?

You must have heard of a lot of weird and rare kinds of phobias but…

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What is Gamophobia (Fear of Commitment): Symptoms, Causes, More

Are you currently seeing someone but still fear commitment or marriage? If only thinking about…

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What Is Fear Of Being Forgotten

What Is Fear Of Being Forgotten? How To Overcome This Fear?

The fear of being forgotten is known as Athazagoraphobia, it is an irrational fear of…

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