Fear Of Abandonment: Causes, Symptoms & Healing

As the name suggests, fear of abandonment is the type of worry and anxiety where someone feels that their close ones will leave them. This is coined as a complex phenomenon as it develops due to a var...

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Why Do I Fear Change? How To Overcome Fear Of Change?

Metathesiophobia is a phobia wherein people avoid changing their circumstances as they are afraid of being extremely unaware of the situations. Ever thought about why we are afraid of changes? Althoug...

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What Is Phonophobia: The Fear Of Loud Noises?

Do you feel panicked when you hear a sudden loud noise? Like when your alarm goes off suddenly or when you hear firecrackers bursting suddenly? While hearing a sudden loud noise can be jarring, it is ...

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Nomophobia: Everything You Need To Know About Phone Addiction

No one can deny the fact that smartphones or mobile phones have become an omnipresent part of this modern era. Previously, the ph...

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Monsters Under Your Bed: What Is Teraphobia & How To Cope?

As a kid, did the thought of monsters hidden below your bed frighten you? Did you feel that the monster that you saw in a movie will peek at you from inside the closet? If it happened with you in chil...

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Understanding Xenophobia: Characteristics, Types, Impact & How-To Deal With It

Xenophobia (pronounced zee-no-fo-bee-ah) can be described as fear or discomfort of strangers or foreigners. Hostility toward someone different from us (in ethnicity, language, etc) can be considered a...

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What Is Trypophobia: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Do clusters of small holes, bumpy patterns, high-contrast colors, or certain graphic arrangements make you feel disgusted or fear? Cautious! These are the signs of Trypophobia. Wait! What is Trypho...

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