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Harshita Singh July 14th, 2020 · 5min read

How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health?

The mental health of a child depends on the surrounding where they live. The more harsh the environment, the more negativity will affect the mental health of a kid. According to psychology “, A child learns by looking into the surroundings”. As we know parents play a significant role in deciding the future of their children. They look closely at how their parents or elders behave. Your young ones will imitate the way you speak or any regular activities that you do at home or outside.

Children are the reflection of their parents. Whatever you (parent) do, it will directly reflect on their behavior. One of the most common factors that we can see everywhere is fights, arguments, dispute and quarrel. Hence these are pretty normal because a healthy conflict in a worthwhile relationship is sure to happen. Yes! These small fights are inevitable!!

However, if the fighting turns into verbal abuse or domestic violence this is awful. In addition to this, if your children are present in that situation this is a warning sign, my friend. These incidents impact an adverse effect on mental and behavioral abilities of your kids.

Therefore in this blog, I am going to mention the effects that your child can face or maybe still facing when you as parents fight in front of them.

How Parents Fight Affect Child’s Mental Health:

1. Relationship Issues

It indicates the bond between the parents and the child and even between the siblings. Fighting always disturbs the mental alertness of parents. So, the expected love and affection cannot be given if you as parents are mentally depressed. If you are rude or harsh to them, this will make your kid get to know the dark side of yours. Hence, it is not possible for your child to express everything in front of you.

In another part, if your young boy witnesses domestic violence or verbal abuse he will do the same with his friends or future spouse. However, if your girl child has seen the same, she will promise herself not to have a partner like you. Trust me this will be an utter shame for a parent. Don’t set a bad example in front of your child!

2. Negative Impact On Behaviour

The environment plays a significant role in evolving the behavior of a child. The negative impact of fighting will affect regular practice on their mental being. They will start fighting with everyone around them, even for passing a notebook at school. Getting it?

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I understand it is also not always possible for the parents to give full attention to their children if they are mentally disturbed. But, if parents can control themselves mentally, they will be able to give affection and attention to their children. Make sure you are not feeding a rude child at your home.

3. Mental And Physical Illness

 As we know mental health also has a significant role in making the body healthy and they both are equally important, right? The brain functioning and chemical secretions of a child are in the developing stage.

Your unusual fights will disturb vital hormones and dopamine levels on their body. This will lead to mental depression or any other type of nervous disorder. In addition to this, all the above issues will have a negative impact on their sleep cycle and eating habits. Therefore, your kid will struggle with mental and physical health.

4. No Interest In Work

A calm and peaceful surroundings is necessary at home so that your child can give full attention to studies. If you are yelling at each other or throwing tantrums this will disturb the concentration in their studies or other fruitful activities they are doing. Children are full of creativity and imagination; any sort of mental disturbance will lower down their interest in giving attention to the work they do.

The same situation will revolve around your kid’s mind even when they grow up for a long time which makes them lose interest in everything they do. It is wrong to think that fighting for a few minutes will not affect mental health. Even little fights last long in the mind of children which are enough to make them disturbed mentally.

5. Responsibility Of Parents

Parents need to take some steps to solve this issue to save the future of their child. They should try their best not to fight in front of children. Fighting can’t be stopped as it is a part of the family. It helps in building strong bonds.

Parents should manage the limits in front of the children. They can tackle the situation and change it to a joke if they find their child in front of them. Fighting and shouting is not always a solution to the problem. They need to be calm and relaxed to handle the situation without affecting the mental health of a child.

Discussing negative issues in front of children also makes them disturbed mentally. So, try to hide the dark side as much as possible until the child gets matured.

Final Words

Parents mostly don’t take fighting as a severe issue. They must maintain their limit and try their best not to involve themselves in regular fights especially in front of their children. It will not only weaken the bond between the parents but also affect the mental health of a child to a great extent. Every situation should be managed by looking into the impact on their kids. I hope you like this blog and also shared it with everyone around you. We are on social media platforms too! You can follow us there!

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