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Mohnish Jha August 6th, 2020 · 5min read

How to Build Confidence: The Vanguard of Your Personality

How to build confidence? How to boost self-esteem? Why do I lack confidence? People all around the world are left speechless before these questions, multiple times in their lives. If motivation is the fuel to your vehicle, then self-confidence is the glue that keeps everything intact in your personality.

Machinery cannot work if its parts are disassembled. It needs to be assembled before it can even be called a working machine. I know the world is hard and harsh and no one can keep fighting all the time. But surviving becomes easier when you have the right shields protecting you.

All of us want to be confident and there are times when we are. We are happy, full of zeal and ready to face any challenge that life has in store for us. And so that you never feel running out of it. Today, I am going to share with you some simple tips on how you boost confidence. Have a look.

How to Build Confidence?

1. Moving Away Can Build Your Confidence

Yes, do it. Move away from the source of negativity. Whatever is hurting you, is not worth more than the peace of your mind. If someone is belittling you at home, you obviously can’t move away from your home, unless you are traveling. But what you can do is, politely ask the person to stop or move away to another room or outside for some time. You just have to move away when the person spewing out nonsense is furious. Once he or she calms down then you can come back.

2. Working Hard Boosts Self-Esteem:

Work hard and more. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. When you work hard and dedicate yourself you get better at it and when you get better at something then comes in the confidence. And working at just office, also start working on yourself. Exercise, meditate, train your mind, play mind engaging games, learn something new. When you don’t stop pushing hard, no one can stop you in your tracks.

3. Thinking & Reflecting On The Reason For Low Confidence

When you calm down after a fight or a confidence-breaking shock. You need to think. Don’t start thinking right away, don’t delay it. When you calm down and think that you are ready, start. It is always a good idea to talk about things which are disturbing you. Accept the points which you feel are true and you should change about yourself. Don’t accept everything. There are times when people can perceive things in a wrong way. You should be the judge of that.

4. Stand Up For Yourself

You need to become independent. If there are any unfiled taxes, the money you need to pay to settle debts, bills overdue, etc. You need to start shedding some of the burdens on your shoulders to move ahead. When you become dependent on others for your survival then you also lose confidence. Take a stand, stand for yourself starting from today. Decrease your unnecessary expenses and start by investing. Start learning, education is a great investment to start with.

5. Calculate The Distance

Whom do you admire? What do they do? Why do you admire them? Who are the top players in your field of work? Make a detailed plan of all of this and link it to your dreams. Calculate the distance and plan how you are going to bridge the gap. The plan should be simple and doable. Plan how you are going to proceed. The last step: Start. When you have a dream that you want to achieve, then the journey should be well planned in your mind. It helps build confidence and also motivates people to keep going.

6. Keep A Record

Keep a short and brief record of all your achievements. Celebrate your victories and losses. Enjoy, but don’t get overwhelmed. The journey is still far from complete. Don’t ignore your gains, no matter how small they are. You have worked hard for them and invested a lot of time. Enjoy them but don’t lose the sight of your goal.

The lack of confidence is something that you can cover up in a day. It is not a product but more of a process that keeps going on. Even if you boost your self-esteem tomorrow, you will have to maintain it and that is hard. It is something you need to carry but at the same time no need to carry all the burdens shed them off.

If you think someone is expecting from you, then too don’t weigh yourself down. You have given them reasons to believe in you. It means that it is in you. Build your confidence, not because others want you to do something but because that is something is necessary for you and is yours. Just go at your own pace and remember failure is not the end. You can always start again.

I hope these tips help regain your confidence. Thanks for reading!

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