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Can depression cause memory loss

Can Depression Cause Memory Loss: Unveiling The Facts

Depression makes you feel sad, hopeless and tearful but can depression cause memory loss? Well, depression is well connected to situations where a person is lost in the...
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Best Depression Support Groups

5 Best Depression Support Groups In 2021

Depression support groups allow a depressed individual to express his thoughts, discuss own experiences and encourage others in a group. These support groups consist of empathy, understanding and...
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Effects of untreated depression

What Are The Possible Effects Of Untreated Depression?

Depression brings low energy, lack of concentration, anger, sadness, sleeping problems and multiple other issues which hinder the working of a human being. Now if it is left...
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Facts About Depression You Should Know

Facts About Depression You Should Know

There are times when you feel hopeless and extreme sadness that prevents you from living your best life. This feeling of hopelessness can also be a symptom of...
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double depression

What Is Double Depression: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Double depression, as the name suggests, is a psychiatric condition when two specific types of depression coexist and even overlap with each other. Double depression may become chronic,...
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What is functional depression

What Is Functional Depression? Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Many of us believe that depression makes us bedridden, completely changes our eating or sleeping habits and doesn’t let us undertake essential tasks. But it isn’t completely true....
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Living with someone with depression

Self-improvement Guide: Living with someone with depression

Living with bad mental health and living with someone with depression are two completely different scenarios. Living with a depressed partner or spouse puts everyone in a painful...
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Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Emotions like sadness, frustration, and anger are all part of our life experience. We feel frustration when nothing goes our way, we feel sad when we lose someone...
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Atypical Depression

Atypical Depression: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Atypical depression is a kind of a secondary form of major depressive disorder (MDD) or dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder). This disorder is similar to other depressive disorders with...
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