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COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Make Your Work From Home Stress-free

With the Coronavirus outbreak bringing a change in the working culture around the world, many organizations have given work from home to its employees. Considering the current situation...
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Best Mindfulness Books to Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very trending topic nowadays. Like, when I meet new people or go to the office, I see people talking about embracing the positivity, living life...
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Handling-stress-at-school-in-5-easy-steps (1)

Handling Stress at School in 5 Easy Steps

Stress at school can be a lot. It may seem like a big deal to parents but a few harsh words can do some permanent and serious damage...
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Long Distance Relationship: Making It Work The Right Way

Many people sigh in denial at the mere idea of being in a long distance relationship, even if just for a few miles. Whereas on the flipside, others...
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Be Your Own Healer: Understanding the Stages of Grief

“Grief never ends… but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith… It is...
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COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Making Quarantine Mentally Healthy For You

Quarantine and self-isolation is addressed by far as the best way to reduce the spread of coronavirus because it limits social contact and stops community transmission (phase 3...
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What is Power Napping

What is Power Napping and Why is it Important?

Sleeping during the day time can be even considered as a taboo in some cultures and we, as adults, usually try to avoid it as much as possible....
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effect of caffeine on memory

Coffee is Good for You : Myth Or Fact?

Have you ever heard of bliss in a cup? I am pretty sure that you must have even savored it. Yes folks, you are right. I am talking...
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How to Meditate with Chocolate

I know it sounds really exciting to know how to meditate with chocolate. How peaceful and delicious chocolate meditation looks! I was amazed when I came to know...
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