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Mohnish Jha August 11th, 2020 · 6min read

A Guide To Staying Calm In A Stormy Situation

Bruce Lee once said “You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.”

There are times when we go overboard even when we don’t want to. We say things we don’t mean and think; when we are angry or emotionally feel overwhelmed. Ready to react rather than to move ahead. Regret is all that is left at the end. We try to change but finds ourselves again and again in that tight spot. The solution is quite simple though.

How do you keep calm during a storm?

You need to stop boarding the train which takes you where you don’t want to be and move ahead from situations.  We are listing some of the reasons below which are known to incite an emotional reaction, have a look below:

Continuous Stress:

Even hard rock breaks under extreme stress, compared to them, humans are quite fragile. Studies have shown how prolonged stress on the mind can lead to a significant drop in creativity and productivity. Peer pressure, office stress, marital and personal issues can create a lot of stress on an individual leading to emotional instability.

Mood Swings:

A sudden or extreme change in a person’s mood can also lead to an emotional reaction. All us are not able to hold back and humans are known for riding on emotions. The people who suffer from bipolar disorder and PMS in women may project these traits but nowadays, people are experiencing more and more mood swings even if they are not suffering from the above. This increase can be due to drug abuse, environmental factors, affected childhood etc.

Poor Health:

Getting sick is normal and even necessary for the body but people with low immunity needs to pay attention to their health. Frequently falling ill will only further degrade their health and recovery rate. Being a couch potato can lead you to be on the couch for a long time.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Apart from the already mentioned above, other causes of hormonal imbalance are insufficient sleep, diabetes, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid and an unhealthy diet. Studies show that hormones indirectly affect mood and wellbeing.

Too much engagement:

Use of digital devices have been increasing ever since they have hit the market. More people are readily engaging themselves and leaving no time for their personal health and grooming. Long gone are the days when kids use to crave for the evenings when they could go out just play with their friends. People now just love to get lost in the virtual world and prefer meeting and interacting with people online. This isolation may affect negatively the personality and make real-life interactions difficult

Egocentric Attitude:

A narcissistic approach may not be a good option when socializing with people and may often lead you to hurt feelings of others. Feeling good about yourself is a necessity but at the same time one should also take care of others as well. Usually people refrain from hurting others, but an egocentric approach may just give you an extra push and make you go overboard.

Stepping back at the time when you are on the edge and not acting would be a good idea than instantly reacting to the situations and people. Below are some easy steps which you can follow in order to avoid such circumstances, add to your wellbeing and move ahead with a peace.


Meditation is useful to control your focus and mind. In some cases, it has also helped in increasing concentration time of the brain. It has assisted in reducing stress, controlling anxiety, and helped in promoting emotional health. Another benefit that was highlighted in studies was enhanced levels of self-awareness and mindfulness. It gives you an extra hold to self so that you don’t get distracted when it is unnecessary


Exercise not only boosts physical aspects of a person but is necessary to also maintain his/her emotional health. Even a simple but a regular workout routine can help keep your mental skills sharp, reduce stress, improve quality of sleep and increase life quality. It also improves mood and mental health.

Solo Travel:

People travelled in groups for the company and due to safety reasons, but the fever of Solo Travel has been catching up in the recent times. People love to travel alone; safety issues are still there but people nowadays, are moving out more and more and exploring new and exotic places. It boosts confidence and helps a person discover how he or she will react to random situations. Apart from the above mentioned, it is quite cheaper, and you get to decide your own duration, route, and destination. So, it is a win-win situation.

Eat healthy, Eat fruits:

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are widely and well known. Fruits help in maintaining required levels of nutrients and fibre. They are also required in upkeeping immune system and other functions of the body. Including different colour of fruits in your diet can enhance the taste and quality of nutrition. It was found out that foods which are processed and with refined sugar are directly related to lethargy and low energy levels. So, a diet full of fruits should be embraced.

Unplug and discover:

Continuously operating phones, computers, tablets may be good for your bank balance but certainly not for your health. Isolation from the world may be good for some but not for all. Too much time on screens have been related to severe health conditions. It has been known to slow down the language learning process in kids, stiffen creativity and may create a hindrance in interpersonal skills. Unplugging will not only help boost the learning process but will also help in calming down, discovering oneself and one’s talents and inabilities.

When things go wrong and you find yourself at the string’s end, remember, you can always work on yourself and it is not the end of the world. Every day is a new day, full of opportunities and you don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday. Stay calm and keep working on yourself, that’s the only way to move ahead.

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