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Preeti Seth August 28th, 2023 · 6min read

Step Into The Light- Acceptance Is The Key

Need you know the constant pain I feel,
It might look unreal in the bright daylight,
But the pain is real and constant
I laugh, play, sing songs but nothing works
Darkness comes and takes my soul
they say I am strong and can overcome all hurdles and challenges,
But they forget no matter how fast light travels, darkness will always accompany
And so I play my part even though darkness keeps on breaking my soul piece by piece.

Can you relate to the feeling portrayed in the above lines? If yes, then you certainly know how important it is to overcome the darkness inside you.

Being at the mercy of your own mind is worse, especially when you don’t want to face reality. Truth to be told it is threatening but if you face and accept it, you will never disappear into the dungeon of darkness. Remember the person you were before feeling hopeless and worthless. Talk to someone you are comfortable with, it can be your parents, friends, co-worker or can even tell us we love to share an ear.

Begin the Healing Journey

Balance is very important for the healthy functioning of the body and mind. To rebalance, yourself accept you’re feeling blue and seek help. The sooner you accept what you are going through, the quicker you can move on.

Everyone faces difficulties and responds differently to emotions like sadness, anxiety, grief, frustration, etc. With time these emotions, fade out but if they linger on and there’s no cause or trigger, go for talk therapy or psychotherapy.

“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.”

  • Brené Brown

Stop Fighting Yourself, Face Your Fears

Just because you’ve been beaten, doesn’t mean you are not strong enough to fight.

Depression does not manifest out of thin air. It is a legitimate illness and if you are struggling with it, stop resisting. It might mentally hurt to say it, as it is considered one of those bad words that you’re not allowed to say or taught not to speak.

But once you accept, it will have less power over you, you’ll be able to move on, talk to people about it and will no longer feel lonely, things will change!

Interrupt the cycle of pushing back and stop escaping from negative feelings

You are not alone, you have all the rights to be treated with dignity and respect. Be clear and accept it, the recovery process will begin from that . Of course, none of this will be easy but hiding your condition as you succumb to get treated because you feel ashamed to reach out and get help won’t help either.

Open up with people, it is the best way to conquer your innate depression. Once you do so you’ll see you have a number of loving and supportive people around you. This will change your perspective and you’ll never want to feel so low again.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

It’s your life, no one can rule nor can dictate it, not even depression. The moment you accept it, you will start to take the charge in your hand.

If you feel the darkness within you there’s no shame in accepting it. The minute you accept it as part of your life, no longer you’ll be worried about being happy. Like everyone else, you too can be sad, weak,  self-indulgent but this won’t make you any less of a human being. Rather than hating yourself for feeling irritable or depressed, give yourself some support and love that you have a longing for. You just need to stop escaping from your feelings.

With Acceptance, Comes Knowledge

Don’t let depression control your life, take something positive from it like:

  • The voice in your head is not always right
  • You are more than a depressed individual
  • Love yourself to love others
  • Everybody goes through something or the other you are not the unlucky one
  • Good days also exist

You are neither a failure nor your future is hopeless. You have all the right to feel a certain way. No one is perfect, not even the celebrities you take as your role model. You might not believe me but this might sound sane if you know Selena Gomez, your favorite idol fought depression. What helped her was accepting the failures, problems and other dark things.

You too need to accept failures and face them. There’s always a silver lining a ray of hope. You are unique and talented. Stop underestimating yourself.

See Things From A Rational Perspective

You know exactly what you are going to experience when you get depressed. Once you practice acceptance, you will know thoughts and emotions are not real but a by-product of your illness. This will help stop doing things that might make you feel worse and instead you will work to improve the situation. This is possible only if you sift through the muck and mud and become self-aware of what you want to experience.

Enjoy Happiness When You Can

It’s not sunny everyday clouds don’t last forever. The same is the case with life, a bad day/week/month doesn’t mean anything. The sooner you realize you need treatment and start working towards it, the quicker you can recover.

Never think you are worthless or you don’t deserve happiness.

Stop comparing your life with others. Especially digital life. Not all you see is real there’s a different side to it. Do you know celebrities, rich people you feel jealous of or admire go through a lot?

Speak openly about depression and remove the biggest obstacle of keeping things to yourself.  This is where healing and wellness begin.

Catharsis: Overcome Darkness

Never think of something from which there’s no coming back. Life is amazing to live. Don’t think of pain or failure. They all are temporary and will end soon. It’s only you who can make it possible. Hope and acceptance is the answer to all problems. It will give you wings when you think you cannot fly. See the possibility even when you think there isn’t any. Open a door for dreams, visualize them, focus on it to make it real. You will end up getting what you have imagined.

There’s always hope and there’s always a way to recover. Accepting illness will make you ready for the next step, which is seeking help. It will calm your agitated mind and will help you actually become better.

Keep putting one foot in front of another. If you need help we are all ears. Share your story with us.

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