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Akanksha Soni May 18th, 2021 · 6min read

Best Coloring Books : Set Your Mind at Peace

Let’s start by breaking the mindset that coloring books are meant for kids and younger siblings only. There are so many coloring books for adults available in the market so that they can spend meaningful time alone, enrich their hobby or become relaxed from any stress. Yes, these coloring books for adults also act as stress therapy, lights up the creative side and untangles the mind clutter very smoothly.

So grab your box of colors and get yourself any of the popular adult coloring books now. Ready?

Best Selling Adult Coloring Books:

Here’re some of the most amazing and bestselling adult coloring books you ever need.

Book Name Why To Pick Price
The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti Stress Therapy Best coloring book to relax & unwind $8.34
Joyful Designs Adult Coloring Book Best coloring book with variety of styles and pattern $4.99
Good Vibes Coloring Book Best coloring book for beginners $7.77
50 Mandalas For Stress-Relief Best coloring book for mandala coloring $1.70
Stress Relieving Animal Designs Best coloring book for animal lovers $4.78
Calm The F*ck Down Best coloring book with abstracts and doodles $5.18
Vogue Colors A to Z Best coloring book for fashion and art enthusiasts $84.63
Disney Dreams Collection Best coloring book for Disney fans $12.35
Lost Ocean Best coloring book for sea lovers $12.19
Unicorns Are Jerks Best coloring book for adults to face cold truths $9.62

1. The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti Stress Therapy

Price: $8.34

As per Huffington Post, ‘Free from any distracting themes, full of soothing waves and geometric patterns, this mindfulness-oriented coloring book will pack an extra punch of calm.’ Owing to such great reviews by Washington Post, Boing Boing, etc., the book is meant to give you some peace and calm time with yourself. Mindful coloring is equal to practice meditation and hence one must buy this pocket size bestselling coloring book.

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2. Joyful Designs Adult Coloring Book

Price: $4.99

You would love to color this 31 pages book that possess meditative patterns that might seem complex for once but coloring them is really soothing. The pages are absolutely acid-free and this keeps your work preserved for long periods of time. Sketch pen, gel pens, crayons or ultra-fine markers, the quality paper will take care of your design very well.

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3. Good Vibes Coloring Book

Price: $7.77

No need to think about becoming an expert, rather enjoy the present moment gracefully is the only message that this coloring book for adults sends. From basic art techniques to learning new shades and color theory, the book acts as a strong guide. You will find perforated pages here which can even be pulled out and hang on the wall. Interestingly, one side of the page holds a beautiful design whereas the other side has a motivational quote. Nice, eh?

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4. 50 Mandalas For Stress-Relief

Price: $1.70

Coloring beautiful mandalas is such a soothing and proven way to release stress and calm your mind. If you don’t want to go for meditation or yoga at the moment, this book is more than enough to let your mind breathe. As the name suggests, there are 50 gorgeous mandalas with different levels of difficulty. You can consider it as the best coloring book for beginners as well as advanced learners.

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5. Stress Relieving Animal Designs

 Price: $4.78

If animals make you happy then coloring them would make you happier. Try out this one of the cheapest coloring books which has owls, lions, elephants, horses, deer, and around 65 animals which can be filled with amazingness. Spend hours of fun and creativity while unwinding and relaxing in this colorful jungle book.

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6. Calm The F*ck Down

Price: $5.18

Loaded with humorous quotes with every pattern, you would love to color the patterns of this top 10 coloring book for adults. From moderate to complex details, quotes like ‘Home is where vodka is’ or ‘Dance like no one attractive is watching’ stays with you. As it contains adult language, it is not recommended for children at all and a perfect book to take away all the stress.

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7. Vogue Colors A to Z

A lot of us fantasize about the fashion world and this first coloring book for adults by Vogue is a dream come true. You can find here 26 archival magazine covers which were firstly seen during 1912 to 1932. From coloring the stylized alphabets to famous fashion sketches, the real users are simply pleased with the details and patterns. However, it is hefty on pocket at one end but if fashionistas can afford it, they certainly fall in love with the top coloring book of this time.

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8. Disney Dreams Collection

All the Disney fans, here is the most exciting and amazing coloring book for you. If you think Snow White should have a green gown or Cinderella must be painted in white color, you can do that now. Compiled with 63 paintings of Disney Dreams, explore Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty and many other characters with scenes differently here.

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9. Lost Ocean

Price: $12.19

All the adults can dive into the sea depths and color down exotic fishes, octopuses, shells and moreover, hidden pirate treasures. The real objects & creatures may look gloomy to us but this bestselling adult coloring book is giving you an opportunity to look things with your own style. The artist ‘Johanna Basford’ can be appreciated for her creative designs.

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10. Unicorns Are Jerks

Price: $9.62

This is probably the most recommended coloring book for adults in order to make them realize that unicorns might look magical but they can be jerks at times. You can find 18 unicorns texting in theaters, farting in lifts, eating the leftovers, smoking in public and yes, act like they don’t care. Definitely, this coloring book for adults is worth a shot!

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Paint Your Cloud 

Did you pick one for yourself yet? If yes, let us know your choice in the comments below. But make sure that you do not leave this page without picking any of the best adult coloring books for yourself. Also, do not be late to collect all your colors because as soon as it arrives, you just want to dive in its sea.

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