Bipolar Disorder

Masochistic Personality Disorder

Masochistic Personality Disorder: Signs, Causes & Treatments

Have you ever come across someone who is always in a self-destructive mode? That one…

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Bipolar Delusions: Types, Causes, Example and Treatment

Do you know what delusions are? Delusions are thoughts and beliefs that are not even…

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Bipolar and Intelligence

Bipolar Disorder and Intelligence: Is There A Link Between The Two?

We’ve long since tried to connect intelligence with our mental health and this fascinating topic…

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BPD Relationship Cycle

BPD Relationship Cycle: Here’s What You Can Expect (And How To Cope)

Relationships can be demanding in their rights - and I’m talking about mental and emotional…

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Bipolar v/s Depression: How To Tell Them Apart?

Both bipolar disorder and depression are mood disorders and involve a lot of similar symptoms…

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Thought Broadcasting

Thought Broadcasting: What Is It & How To Cope With It

What do you call a condition that runs on…

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What is Pyrrole Disorder

What Is Pyrrole Disorder? How Is It Different From Bipolar?

Pyrrole disorder is a clinical condition with mental and emotional symptoms. Pyrroles are naturally produced…

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