what is Self-Efficacy

Understanding The Importance Of Self-Efficacy: A Building Block To Grow On!

What does it take to complete a task or accomplish a goal? Motivation?... Abilities?...Skills? Well,…

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Negative Personality Traits

10 Common Negative Personality Traits You Need to Avoid in Life

We all have these little quirks that we can relate to our personality and while…

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Counterfactual Thinking

Counterfactual Thinking And Its Effects On Your Decision-Making

When we talk about thinking in terms of psychology, there’s a lot to uncover. Today,…

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17 Must Try Emotional Regulation Strategies

It’s not always easy to control and balance our emotions or even maintain that balance.…

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What is Selective Perception: Definition, Types & Examples

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you were completely right, when…

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The Need To Be Liked Syndrome

Understanding The Need To Be Liked Syndrome (And How to Overcome It)

Humans desire to feel validated and appreciated to stay motivated and inspired. We want to…

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Psychological Benefit of using adult coloring books

Psychological Benefit Of Using Adult Coloring Books! Are They Really Worth A Try?

Do you remember, as children we used to spend so much time playing with different…

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Avoiding Nitpicking in Relationships

Understanding Nitpicking: Definition, Signs, Impacts, And How To Avoid

It really annoys us when someone keeps on finding faults that are not even important!…

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Machiavellian Personality Traits: What Does It Mean To Be Machiavellian?

Which name or person strikes your mind first when I ask you to think about…

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