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Kirti Bhati March 31st, 2022 · 6min read

12 Tips To Start Living In The Present Moment

‘Live In The Present!’ What does this statement mean to you? To me living in the present means being engrossed in what is happening NOW. it’s all about being in the present moment and taking it all in with no distractions of the past or future.

What Does Living In The Present Mean?

To live in the present moment is like being “HERE” and “NOW”. So, you are in a particular place at the very moment, all you should do is live that ‘Now’ while you are there, in the present moment.

Living in the present basically means being mindfully aware of what is happening in and around you in a particular moment. Do not think about the past or worry about the future, just be in the present moment and savor it.

Living in the past or constantly worrying about the future is sure to ruin your present. It will only foster more struggle, pain, and stress. Be in the moment, enjoy what you have now, you will not find anything meaningful in the past or future if you don’t start living in the present moment.

If you are guilty of living in the past/future, here are 12 tips for you to start living in the present moment.

Shall we begin?

How To Start Living In The Present Moment?

1. Live a minimalist life

Minimalism means to have only what you really need. Do not indulge in hoarding behavior rather get rid of unnecessary possessions. Minimalism encourages you to live in the present moment and discourages living in the past.

2. Wake up with an optimistic attitude

Begin your day on a positive note perhaps start your day with positive affirmations. It will help you make the most out of your day no matter how difficult it may seem. Keep a smile on your face and trust me your stress is sure to the dropdown.

3. Savor each moment

Each day we face different challenges, some we successfully overcome and some pull us a little back only to push us further ahead. Someone wise once said, “everything happens for a reason.” Be Aware of what is happening (good or bad) and appreciate each moment of today.

4. Forgive and move on

Forgive and forget is easier said than done. Most of us can forget but we tend not to forget the pain that another person caused. To lead a pleasant life try to move on from the hurtful past, get rid of that resentment, anger and hatred. Let the past go, sometimes holding on is more painful than letting go.

5. Enjoy your work

Most of us are working either at home or in offices and many do not enjoy it, rather begin to wait for the weekend on Monday itself. Love your job, we spend 70% of our life working. Imagine how much time we are wasting on waiting for the weekend and not enjoying the present moment.

6. Work hard today for a better tomorrow

Living in the present doesn’t mean that you forget about your future. You should plan a better life and a comfortable future but do not drown yourself in worry. Make some short-term as well as long-term goals for your future and work hard for it in the present.

7. Stop dwelling in the past

When you constantly think about your past you are letting go of your present as well as your future. There is nothing that you can do about your past, it’s not amendable. Perhaps take lessons from the past and not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

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8. Stop worrying about the future

To be in the present moment is to partially forget about the past and the future. If you keep worrying about what will happen in the future, you are digging your own grave. The present moment is the time to work for a better future but if you choose to worry more than work then there will be no future.

9. Think out of the box

Life throws different challenges at us and expects us to solve them with ease. There are two ways to look at a problem, positive or negative. If you keep cribbing about the problem and try to solve it using the same age-old solutions, you probably have a negative approach.

To live in the moment is to have a positive approach towards a problem that will help you come up with an out-of-the-box solution.

10. Be your own master

Addiction is something you should never let overpower you. Do not become addicted to anything in life because it slows you down and holds you, hostage. Be your own master and live in the present moment, do not have any kind of addiction distracting you.

11. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness in a true sense does mean living in the present moment and being aware of what is happening here and now. Try to include mindfulness exercises in your daily routine so that being is the moment begins to come naturally to you.

12. Be self-aware

Self awareness is another trait each one of us should possess. When you are aware of your shortcomings and strengths it becomes easier to understand the outcome of your action and letting go of destructive thoughts and feelings. Self awareness promotes living in the present moment.

That’s All Folks!

Living in the present moment is how one should live their life but sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to do that. Make sure you note each and every tip (mentioned above) on how to live in the present moment so that the art of living in the present moment is easily administered.

That’s all on how to start living in the present moment. I hope you found the blog helpful. Do share it with your friends and family so that we can learn to live and cherish the present moment.

Thanks for reading!

Take care, stay safe and be in the present!

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