Carpe Diem Guide! Live the Present Moment, It Will Not Come Again.


Our minds are constantly racing towards multiple thoughts. From waking up to snugging back into the sheets, anger for someone, regret for a mistake, worry for the future or fear of taking some actions keep lingering in the mind. But amidst all these thoughts, we simply forget to embrace what we have now! Striking, right? Well, this reality should hit you hard because you might have not been enjoying small moments that can melt away every small worry from the head. This is why we so much want to tell you how to live in the moment through this blog.

RESULT: Happier you, Happier your loved ones with the vibe that you constantly send them!

The Art Of NOW

The secret of health for both body and mind is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.


How To Live In The Present Moment?

Before moving ahead, SMILE broad. Even if you do not want it, SMILE as you are going to learn the beauty of an important concept; how to enjoy every moment of life with a full mind and happy attitude.

Step 1: Smile, Breathe And Give Space To Your Mind

We know that you talk about personal space in your life and love it so much but believe us your brain needs some space too so that it can FOCUS clearly what it wants. Too many thoughts of past and future boggle your brain so much that it totally forgets what it is doing now. This situation creates confusion with your physical activities and you tend to lose control of yourself.

What To Do?

So, SIT BACK, breathe and smile (even if you do not want) and shake your head, hands and legs in the air. It will help you become conscious of the present moment and you can live more in present.

how to live in the moment

Step 2: Focus On Solutions

If you cannot stop thinking and struggling on how to get out of your head and live in the moment, you must look for solutions. However, since every person is not solution oriented, it may take some time to realize the potential within.

What To Do?

Talk to yourself aloud. If you are a little aggressive, it is absolutely fine. And in case you do not feel like talking, write your heart out. Pour everything that is running in your head. Make sure to pour it in such a manner that you can find a solution at the end of the day. You might even need a whole good day to find out what is bothering you and what the right solution is for it. Choose to decorate your solution page and stick with the focused POSITIVE thoughts.

Focus On Solutions

Step 3: Appreciate Yourself

Whether you are able to find a solution or not, it will come if you keep trying. Within all this, do not let yourself fall back into the pit as these steps are meant to remove all the obstacles in your mind. Better appreciate yourself!

What To Do?
Tell yourself with a smile, ‘I am doing good. I will achieve my goals.’ Or tell yourself ‘I have crossed the waves already. I can forgive them for bothering me as I am happy and safe now.’ If you choose to appreciate, there will be a boost in confidence. Later you can relax your brain muscles by telling them ‘Take some rest. I am enjoying my coffee.’

Appreciate Yourself

Step 4: Acceptance & Forgiveness

All the anger, worries, stress, tensions etc. from the past happen because you don’t readily accept what has already happened. Forgiving and forgetting is the suitable answer to how to live in the moment. Knock your head and tell yourself that whatever is gone is gone, whatever will happen will happen, I am happy wherever I am.

What To Do?

Either by writing or by talking to yourself, lighten up the head and accept everything with open arms. Accept the phases that life is showing you, opportunities, moments and all the clouds of overthinking will begin to vanish.

Acceptance & Forgiveness

Step 5: Think Beyond, Think Constructive

Without mingling into the clash of thoughts, you have learnt the essence for how to live in the moment or how to start living in the present. But as you know that human mind cannot stop thinking, it is best if you employ your head beautifully towards constructive thinking. This constructive thinking lets you think only about good things that you wish to attract in your life.

What To Do?

Ask yourself what you want in your life. Remember that WANTS are never ending and they will erupt once one of them finishes. So keep yourself guided in optimum manner and tell the Universe what you really want. It is like attracting anything that you want from the depth of the soul. Make sure you come back to live in the moment as this therapy was meant to focus on goals only and not to get tensed about the future.

How To Start Living In The Present?

How To Start Living In The Present

Answer The Question! (Picking ‘Present’ Is Allowed Only)

Remember, when you worry for your future, you may be anticipating unrealistic things that may not even come into your life. Moreover, controlling future circumstances is never the right concept. Whereas when you are stressing over the past, you are trying to mould things that will never be changed. And how to live in the moment? Smile and go through the mentioned steps once again to be more present in the moment.

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