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Akanksha Soni November 1st, 2022 · 6min read

What Are The Things To Do If I Have No One To Talk To?

Solitude is beautiful but its overpowered nature could give you companions like emptiness, hopelessness, and maybe depression. Many of us are introverted in nature and not able to initiate conversations or some of us are dealing with personal issues so aggressively that we are not able to find out time for ourselves.

As time flies, the realization that I have no one to talk to, share what I personally embrace, or even hang out for a cup of coffee may be heartbreaking.

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The feeling might be pretty awful but the ray of hope is still confined within you. Even if you have no family members around, partner or children, there are some things that can make you feel complete within yourself. And maybe after completing within yourself, you would be able to bloom like a new flower, there’s no harm in trying!

INHALE, EXHALE- Before I tell you anything about this topic, throw away all your negative thoughts as you are about to do something exciting. Come up fresh and we will try to revolutionize your inner soul for a better side.

No One To Talk To? Try These Things One By One!

Thing 1. Find Good Social Media Groups (Facebook & Instagram)

Because you are the only one feeling you have no one to talk to and a lot of others could be met online through great social media pages. From mental health support to meaningful talking, you may want to take some time and find the right page for yourself. Some could be really inspirational whereas some would amaze you with their personal stories. You can let your weaknesses spill over and gain some strength.

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Some of these groups are kept private and you even do not need to reveal the real you in front of the world. Community talking or communication could really help in dissolving loneliness and making new like-minded friends.

Thing 2. Adopt A Pet Or Visit Animal Shelters

Tell yourself ‘So what if I have no one to talk to, this kitty is my new love.’ Pets are so beautiful that they can energize you right at the moment you look at them. You can choose to sleep with them, hang out together or even talk to them. Yes, they can’t respond to you like humans but their sense of understanding is just great.

If adopting pets is not your thing, visit pet-friendly restaurants to meet new people and their pets or learn horse riding lessons under the supervision of a trainer. You will be able to spend a fruitful time which is better than staying at home alone.

Thing 3. Become A Volunteer For Noble Cause

Not everyone may like this option but if you wish to be supportive of other’s happiness and seeing them smile satisfies you, your smallest contribution matters for both. Being alone or worthless could all take a corner when you stand up for the needs of others. Just pick the one genre you would like to work for, for example, orphanage, trauma survivors, etc., and join the community. Talking to them and understanding their needs could act as the right dose for yourself.

CalmSage has Initiated a Program to Support people with depression. Lets Join and Make This Community Bigger.

Thing 4. Read Often & Write Journals

Reading alone or reading in a book club, both could be a great help to deal with the question of things to do when I have no one to talk to. Books are always known as the best friends and thanks to the new ideas, dreams and knowledge that they impart in our heads. Moreover, joining a book club (virtual of visiting) may even let you meet those people who are analyzing the books with different perspectives.

We would also like to recommend that writing a journal is such a great idea to jot down your thoughts, filter what is best for you and follow the aim you wished to achieve. It also acts as a gratitude guide where you can thank every single thing or person for being in your life. Plus, stick a self-affirmations guide on your wall for the right dose of positivity every day.

Thing 5. Choose To Learn A New Skill

Even though you can learn a new skill at home, we highly recommend you to move out of the four walls and get to a new place. Be it a dance style like Salsa or playing piano, this is the best way to inculcate a better attitude within when you have no one to talk to. A new skill gives you a great boost in confidence, makes you stronger and rejuvenates the soul for wholesome goodness. We bet, you are going to plan a new skill learning today. And who knows you can find new friends at the learning center? Be positive and go ahead.

Thing 6. Jog/Gym/Aerobics/Swim/Yoga/Workout Everyday

The feeling of hopelessness and loneliness would begin disappearing slowly as you move towards self-care. Self-care starts with working out every day in any form of exercise. You can even choose to join Yoga classes to calm the body and mind. Try stress relieving exercises at home and force yourself to become better every single day.

Thing 7. Move Out Or Travel (Solo/Join Groups)

You might be a little reluctant to this point. But if you have no one to talk to and find out things to do, moving out from the same environment is a great help. There are various companies providing solo or group travel services which could be joined for a new adventure.

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It automatically makes you meet new people, taste new cuisines, learn the culture and gain new experiences. As soon as you come back, you certainly want to restart your life with great energy and immense love. Haven’t tried that? Take a break from everything and go out! We will be glad to know how you felt about it later.

Talk To Us, We Are Listening!

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