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COVID 19 LockDown Guide
Anjali Singh August 14th, 2020 · 5min read

COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Make Your Work From Home Stress-free

With the Coronavirus outbreak bringing a change in the working culture around the world, many organizations have given work from home to its employees.

Considering the current situation I did a small survey on my social media and found out that not everyone is equally happy working from home. While some are missing the working environment and colleagues, others are facing difficulties with the resources. So, the crux is that we all are facing some or the other issue with work from home. However, we should adhere to it as by bringing small changes to our lifestyle will bring the big impact around. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your health be it- physical or emotional.

So here are some insightful ways to keep yourself healthy inside out and make your work from home time stress-free:

Physical Health

Not all of us might be having a proper workspace or furniture to have a comfortable work from home experience but this doesn’t mean that we won’t work or will let our physical health suffer. Therefore, keeping ourselves physically fit is of omnipotence, it will further make our body strong and immune for the current environment. Some effective ways for the same are:

  1. Don’t sit at a place for long hours; get up from your workstation and walk around or do some stretching.
  2. Eat healthy, on regular intervals to give your body the much needed energy
  3. Take a warm water bath before you start working for the day. It will soothe your muscles and will refresh you for the rest of the day

Mental Health

A healthy body and a healthy mind are definitely going to lead to a healthy life overall. So, now that you have learned ways to keep your physical health intact let us focus on maintaining our mental health. Here are some dos that you can incorporate in your work from home regime:

  1. Reduce your screen time and social media in particular. It is advised to stay away from any stressors be it fake news or updates of others life that can bother you.
  2. Unwind your free time to explore and learn a new skill. This will not only keep your mind busy in a healthy manner but will let you enjoy your time, constructively.
  3. Maintain a journal to keep reminding yourselves of the good in life. Plus, it will work as a healthy distraction for you, from the workload.

Emotional Health

The pandemic situation has already embroiled the world in an emotional turmoil with that quarantine and work from home is further hampering the emotional health of many. But, the pattern has to be reversed so that we can deal with the situation strongly. You can build on your emotional healthy by taking following measures:

  1. Go get up and get sunlight. Working from home doesn’t imply restricting yourself to your workspace, do get sunlight in between. This will ultimately improve your productivity.
  2. Stay connected with the ones you love by keeping communication open with your family and friends. This opens the door to express self to others and get the much needed support.
  3. Do meditation! Even if it’s for 5 minutes. Meditation has various benefits to offer and one such benefit is that it makes us emotionally strong and strengthens our emotional intelligence. Thus, giving us the emotional power to fight against the odds.

Professional Motivation

A major reason as to why many of us are missing on the motivation aspect is that we are not in that work environment with office settings, colleagues and our screen. Therefore, it becomes important to turn the switch of motivation so that our productivity does not suffer. Some tips that can make this work are:

  1. Set a to-do list and work on it religiously just. It will not only help you to keep your day sorted but will also ensure that you don’t miss onto something important
  2. Have a timesheet to finish tasks timely so that you don’t have to rush on the things at the last minute
  3. Have a proper work space just like the one you would have at your workplace. This will give you the vibe of being at your workstation and will boost your productivity. Make sure your workspace is distraction free

20-20-20 Rule

With much strain on eyes you can use the 20-20-20 rule. All you have to do is:

After every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will relax your eyes and increase your concentration.

As mentioned above the small changes in our lifestyles is to bring a big impact in the world. But, adjustment and readjustment with these changes in a healthy manner is what we need to do.

So, implement these measures in your current life situation and do let us know how they work for you.

Stay safe and stay fit…

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