Best Self Care Activity Ideas for Mental Health 2020 [Updated]


Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Therefore, when it comes to the improvement of mental health, we prioritize our working schedules and productivity. Self care is categorized as indulgent or extra work which we usually neglect over some time.

But, if we will stick to self care activities, we will feel more motivated and energetic throughout the day. Self care activities are beneficial for the people who are fighting with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses in their everyday lives. The fact is that self care activities are absolutely productive and important for certain people to get through their rough days or rough patches.

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In this blog, I am highlighting activities that are easy-to-do, accessible and do not involve money. The below-mentioned activities are my favorites and self-tested. I hope that these activities are also helpful for you to beat the blues of mental illnesses. So, let’s get started.

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Best Self Care Ideas/Activities for Mental health:

1. Safe space meditation

Meditation is the most commonly prescribed therapy for folks experiencing stress or anxiety. Therefore, you can try guided meditations wherein you can just sit and clear the negative thought of your mind. For safe space meditation, you can take the help of a therapist or small practicing group. The aim of self-space meditation is the association of mental safety and dissociation of panic and stress.

best self care ideas

2. Coloring or painting

When it comes to coloring or painting, I am the biggest fan. So, whenever I experience stress or anxiety, I take out my coloring book and start coloring. You can also print out drawings available on google and can color them accordingly. Additionally, if you do not have the option of printing out, just take a piece of paper and start drawing whatever comes to your mind. Focus on drawing positive paintings that remove your emotions and challenges.

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3. Creation of a cozy space

Treat yourself with a peaceful and quiet space. So that whenever you feel stressed, you can sit in that peaceful place and enjoy the serenity of your own creation. It will bring more positivity as you will unravel various thoughts during that time. You can add candles, essential oils, floral bed sheets. Just sit, relax and forget.

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4. Maintaining a journal

Take out that old diary, start maintaining your journal, pen down things, pen down positive quotes, and pen down your achievements. You can do so much with that small old diary. Like, I create my own quotes, pen down my favorite kinds of stuff and create my own bio.

best self care activity ideas

5. Observing and tracking your symptoms

Calm Sage focuses on overcoming such issues without medications and overcome naturally with the help of therapies and self-help. Therefore, become your own therapist and track down your good days, bad days and normal days. So you can have your own mood-o-meter and track your recovery.

best self care ideas

6. Communicating with a friend

During hard times or days, take the help of your close friend. Communicate with them and go for outings with them. Call your family members and seek their support. Plan family gatherings, go movies with them and eat together. It will bring more positivity and happiness.

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7. Traveling to a beautiful place

Try traveling! I consider traveling, the best self-care activity. Do not keep yourself locked in the doors; the world is a beautiful place. Go for unplanned road trips, just pack your backpack and move out of the city, discover new beautiful places, and enjoy the serenity of nature.

self care ideas for mental health

8. Netflix binging

Binge Watch has been a good self-care activity. If you have a Netflix subscription or any other subscriptions, treat yourself with inspirational movies. Take out your popcorn bowl and watch inspirational movies and series. Sometimes, that is just what we need!

I hope you like this article and these self-care ideas will be fruitful for you. For more such informational and motivational content, do not forget to follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms. Stay calm and stay positive.

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