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Sarang Bhargav September 7th, 2022 · 10min read

How You Can Become An Alpha Male: Alpha Male Traits

“Wow! What a guy! Loved and respected by one and all, men and women alike.”

We all are quite guilty of saying such statements (maybe not so vocally, but still!). So, what are these qualities of an alpha male that make him seem apart from other men?

How about we quickly list out everything that’ll lay down a roadmap on how to become an alpha male? We’ll let you in on some of the most common alpha male characteristics which will help you gain a more respected and more commanding stance in society.

If you are new to the concept, don’t fret! Before delving into these alpha male traits, let’s take a stroll to learn who is an alpha male and how alpha male characteristics differ from other male groups.

Table of Content

  • Who Is An Alpha Male?
  • Traits Of An Alpha Male
  • How To Become An Alpha Male?
  • Quick Difference Between Alpha And A Beta Male:
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

Being an alpha male isn’t about imposing your beliefs onto others but it is about becoming a positive force to be reckoned with. When you identify as an alpha male you become a positive force, one whom others would want to be associated with. An alpha male is rational and doesn’t take decisions in a fit of emotions.

Having said that, your average alpha male lives life to the fullest, and most importantly, he can live the life that he always wanted to.

Who Is An Alpha Male?

As defined by the socio-sexual hierarchy, an alpha male is a man wanting to have a more controlling role in various situations of life. But, it won’t be wrong to say that the definition of an alpha male is quite subjective. Some might even go as far as saying that alpha males don’t care about others.

Here’s the truth. Yes! They are commanding, they are authoritative, they can impose their will, they carry their physical appearance well, but that’s because they are positive, compassionate, caring, charismatic, know how to take charge of things, and they lead by example.

Alpha males rank at the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy and while Sigma males share the top rank with Alphas, they choose to sit outside the hierarchy. Alphas are followed by Beta males, Delta males, Gamma males, and Omega males, respectively.

Traits Of An Alpha Male

There are some distinguishing alpha male qualities that we are going to share with you guys. We know that it won’t happen in a day but with perseverance and a positive frame of mind, you will be able to incorporate the below-mentioned alpha male traits.

1. Alphas Are Positive

One of the important alpha male personality traits is that he is extremely positive. He carries that positive vibe that cheers everybody around him. And, who wouldn’t want to be with a guy like that? An alpha looks for the solution of problems and not the other way around.

Bottomline – alpha males are extremely positive and extremely likable.

2. They Are Confident

Alpha males don’t second guess their decisions and neither are they much bothered about what others would think or if they’ll laugh at their decisions. The reason is, that their decisions are well thought of. The intent behind their decisions is positive and it certainly is not meant to harm others.

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And, even if they’ve made a mistake, big deal! They’ll own it, learn from it and not make the same mistake ever again. Alpha males don’t cry over spilled milk.

3. Alpha Males Aren’t Passive

One of the very common alpha male personality traits is that they are assertive and know how to speak their mind. When they speak their mind, they don’t just talk in the air. Like, as mentioned above, alphas are confident and know what they are doing. Therefore, they own their desires and know how to assert them on others.

For instance, if a group of friends decides to hang out at a cafe’, the alpha would assert his choice of cafe’ most probably because he knows that his choice of cafe’ will have the best food and will be within the budget.

4. For An Alpha Male Comfort Zone Doesn’t Exist

Alpha males love challenges even if it means pushing themselves out of their cushion zone. Which is why, nothing comes across as undoable for them. The other side of this aspect is that, they come across as the leader of the pack; they know how to mitigate any risks before letting the whole pack into danger.

5. They Are Nice But Not Overly Nice

Being nice is good, it’s human. But let’s face it there are times when you have to assert yourself, sometimes you got to put your will before anyone else. You don’t have to be nice every time even if it means coming across as the bad guy.

And, since an alpha male isn’t always nice, he isn’t even considered as a pushover, someone who people can take for granted. But this alpha male quality is the one that makes their presence more commanding.

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How To Become An Alpha Male?

This is kind of an extension to the traits we have mentioned above. Start by doing the things the likes of which are mentioned below and see yourself being viewed as an alpha –

1. Start Having Your Own Viewpoint

Listen to others but do what you think is right. You could maybe start listening to your conscience better.

2. Do Good But Only If It’s Required

Let’s take it this way; you don’t have to show off your good deeds every single time. Let your goodness flow naturally, as a habit and not as an act.

On a side note, I read this wonderful quote some time ago; “Always remember the good others do for you but never the good you do for others” You don’t have to always remember the good you did for others but never fail to remember the good others have done for you. And what better motto to live by than this for an alpha male?

3. Adhere To A Good Lifestyle

Do we mean a ripped muscular body? No! Do we mean a hefty bank balance? No! We are not against these things. But, what you should expect is a good quality of life. Something that leaves you satisfied at the end of the day.

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4. Challenge Yourself

In connection with the point above, let’s say you wish to have a better body. Great! Challenge yourself to do a certain amount of workout every single day. If you wish to have the car of your dreams, work hard and save smart so that soon you will be able to park that shiny ride in your garage.

 5. Be Discreet In Showing Appreciation

Again if someone has shown some improvement, acknowledge it but, be very discrete in showing appreciation. If you just throw away appreciating remarks on every situation, your appreciation won’t matter to people.

Bottom-line: Appreciate it when you really mean it! This way, people will believe that you only appreciate when something remarkable is done, instead of pointless flattery.

Quick Difference Between Alpha And A Beta Male:

Alpha Male Qualities
Beta Male Traits
Are nice but not overly nice Are always nice
Are highly confident, don’t second guess their decisions Are under-confident, question their own decisions or look for approval every time
Are assertive, take the plunge Wait for others to initiate, mostly are not leaders
Discreet in showing appreciation Show appreciation every time even when not required
Know when and how to speak their mind They are most apprehensive about speaking their mind
Alpha males are highly ambitious. This means that even if they have to get out of their comfort zone to reach excellence, they will It isn’t that beta males aren’t ambitious, but they would work to a point where they will get comfortable even if it means accepting mediocrity
Don’t care too much about what others say. They would listen to everyone but do as their will and wisdom says  Are majorly halted by what other say
Don’t mince words since they are honest and direct Sometimes hide their dreams, aspirations and whatever they want to speak

We Want You To Be Happier Than Ever

At The End Of The Day – An Alpha Male Quality Is The Happiest Soul

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Alpha Males Get Angry?

Just like any other individual even Alphas get angry but they are not moved by impulse, they know how to channelize their anger. They know how to mitigate any damage that their anger could possibly lead to. When an alpha gets angry, he would first cool down his mind, analyze the situation and then act.

2. Can Anyone Become An Alpha Male?

Immaterial of your size or stature, the fact is you can become an alpha male. We have already mentioned some of the most common alpha male personality traits and other characteristics. So, do give this blog a good read and work your way up to become an alpha male.

3. How Do You Deal With An Alpha Person?

This question is quite subjective and may be taken in many lights. For instance, maybe it is a good friend of yours who is liked by all and listened to by all. And, you probably want to move ahead following his footsteps. Here are a few small things you can do to deal with an alpha male so things are smooth.For instance, give them space but if he’s overdoing it, as a friend you could probably explain his traits in a very calm manner.

3. Is It Good To Be An Alpha Male?

If you are looking for an answer to how to become an alpha male, you probably might be thinking, if becoming one is a good decision. We’d like to say, off course yes! If you aim at taking up all the alpha male traits that are mentioned above, you will surely walk on the path of success.

Writer’s Thoughts

As we said, “what it takes and what it doesn’t to be an alpha male” is quite subjective. So, if we have missed any alpha male qualities which you think should be there in an alpha man, do drop them in the comments section below.

Also, if there is a habit that a man needs to build to become an alpha male, share it with us in the comments section below.

I hope this quick guide on how to be an alpha male and the quick rundown of alpha male personality traits helped you! For more, you can connect with us on our social media or drop us an email at

Live life on your terms!

Take care!

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