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Aayushi Kapoor June 23rd, 2022 · 7min read

30 Ways to Spread Positive Vibes

Julius Erving rightly quoted that:

“You can feel the vibes, feel the people pulling for you”.

Showing kindness to the people going through a bad day or a bad phase provides inner peace. Radiation of positive vibes works like Snell’s Law of light dispersion. When the normal light passes through the prism, it reflects a rainbow on the other side.

In the same manner, when you act kind and generous with the people, it brings positivity and colors to their life. These small acts of kindness can spread positive vibes and have the power to completely “turn a normal day to a good day”.

My grandparents used to say that gratitude for spreading kindness towards strangers or knowns is highly contagious. It gives them the strength to overcome bad situations or bad phases and it eventually keeps on spreading. My grandmother taught me that everything happens for a reason, and if something does not go the way you have planned, you don’t have to pout and regret it.

Instead of regretting all the time, smile and let your fear, sadness, emotions fade. That moment I realized that positivity and happiness are the only precious gifts that you can easily afford and give. However, when I see people in my everyday life, I see more negative people than positive ones. Therefore, try to develop positivity and radiate it. These small acts of kindness and gratitude actually motivate people.

Additionally, radiation of positive vibes builds strong relationships with peers, family or friends. Do you also want to be a ‘positive person with positive vibes?? Do you want to be the reason for someone’s smile?

How To Spread Positive Vibes: Top 30 Ways

Below, we have adjoined 30 ways to spread positive vibes that are personally tested and experienced.

1. Start your morning with Good Morning greetings

Starting your day with Good Morning greetings makes the day cheery and happy for you and other people as well.

2. Practice good body language

Good body language helps in a good connection with people at the office. It also helps in the prevention of conflicts.

3. Offer directions to a stranger

Offering directions to the stranger is an act of kindness. Additionally, it boosts your confidence and establishes meaningful connections.

4. Share a smile with strangers passing by on the street

Sharing smiles with strangers brings joy and reduces pain.

5. Keep complimenting your coffee server

Complimenting a coffee server or someone working at the restaurant is an act of kindness, also boosts their confidence and inspiration level.

6. Cook and pack meal for your partner

Cooking and packing meals for your partner is an altruistic act that makes their day and gives them the reason to blush all day.

7. Ask your driver about his/her day

Asking your driver about his/her day is also an act of kindness. It improves the social bond and makes them happy.

8. Tell a friend or family members how great they look with a smile

This small act of kindness makes them smile and builds their confidence.

9. Keep a handy pen (in case of someone needs)

While going for an interview or at the office try to always keep an extra pen. It creates a bond and inspires them to help others as well.

10. Offer your seat who needs while traveling in a metro or bus

Offering a seat to a pregnant lady or old people is an act of kindness that makes them happy and comfortable.

11. Encourage your co-worker with a high-five

If you see your co-worker having a stressed life due to work, make them motivated with a high five. It boosts their confidence and inspires them to work hard.

12. Hold the elevator door for people

Holding an elevator for the people is also an act of kindness. It strengthens the relationship and encourages people to help other people.

13. Hold the door for someone behind you

Holding the door for someone behind you makes them happy and inspires them to do the same.

14. Be a good listener

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Try to listen to the people and make them feel comfortable about sharing their problems.

15. Thank a friend or family member for listening

If you feel alone or feel like sharing problems with your friend or a family member. Remember to thank them for listening and motivating you!

16. Support family member or a friend in bad phases

If you see a friend or a family member going through a bad phase, try to support them and motivate them. It encourages them to overcome the bad phase.

17. Keep motivating people with the help of quotes

If you see someone going through a bad day or phase, share motivational quotes to motivate them.

18. Share your table with someone who looks alone

If you see someone alone in the office cafeteria or at a local cafe share your table with them. It doesn’t make them feel alone and makes them happy.

19. Keep on checking old friends and remind them how lucky you are to have them in your life

We all have a hectic and stressful life, still, try to make a little bit of time from your hectic schedules and keep on checking old friends and let them know you are lucky to have them.

20. If you see trash somewhere, pick and throw in the dustbin

While walking on the road, if you see trash, pick and throw. This act encourages other people as well and makes the city clean.

“Go Green and Clean”

21. Give unused clothes to the donation center

Giving unused clothes brings a smile on the face of people who cannot afford them.

22. Share healthy tips with co-workers and friends

We all work in a stressful environment. To make your co-work cheery and healthy, keep on sharing healthy tips.

23. Surprise your partner

Surprisingly your partner makes your partner happy and strengthens your relationship.

24. Be kind to yourself

While being kind to others, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. It will provide more strength to spread the positivity.

25. Share your knowledge and learnings

While working, keep on sharing little tips or knowledge. It guides people and takes them to an appropriate path.

26. Greet coworkers and neighbors

Greeting coworkers and neighbors with a smile enlightens their mood and makes them happy.

27. Offer food to beggars

Offering food to beggars is an act of kindness. It brings a smile on their faces and helps them from starvation.

28. Mentor and support your colleagues

If you think someone at the office needs support and mentoring, do it without giving a second thought. It motivates them and improves your confidence level.

29. Babysit Pets

If you see your friend or a colleague having trouble taking care of their pets, offer them a pet sitting. It makes them feel relaxed and happy.

30. Hug people who are going through a bad day or a bad phase

Hugging people reduces the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, and stress. It makes them happy and motivated.

We know that implementing all the 30 ways in your daily life is difficult. How about starting your day with at least 10 of the ways, then leveling up to 15 or 20?? Once you start following these ways, we are sure that it will also give you positivity. So, save this list and start using it to spread positivity.

I hope you liked this blog.

What’s Your favorite activity to Spread Love and Positivity?

Also, if you know more “ways to spread positive vibes’ ‘ let us know in the comment section, to spread more positive vibes. Additionally, you can also share your experience of radiating positive vibes.

Keep radiating positive vibes and keep smiling!

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