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Mohnish Jha August 14th, 2020 · 5min read

Ways to Relieve Stress in Working Moms: 5 Simple Tips

Moms, all around the world have been known to take care of everyone excluding themselves. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they always seem to go ahead and beyond for the people they care. People who work in the office are already very exhausted after a tiring day. They are not able to take care of themselves due to hectic routines and tight schedules and require maids and other people to take care of them.

Now imagine moms who work. They have to handle all the tension of the office and then take care of everyone at home too. It’s like they are working double shifts and that too for their whole career. Many of them don’t even realize how much stress they are in, until they are too deep in it.

Relieving stress isn’t, usually on the priority list. We tend to ignore our mental health as much as possible and that results in a lot of stress and tensions. Today, I am going to share 5 simple ways for working moms through which they can relieve their stress. Have a look.

Ways/ Tips to Relieve Stress:

1. Eat

Women around the world have been known to suffer from various deficiencies like anemia, lack of calcium, lack of vitamins, etc. Loss of blood due to menstruation worsens the situation. Eating lots of veggies, milk and eggs etc. would help recover from the situation. Nevertheless, we should also understand the need of the Sun in our lives. It is the biggest and best source of obtaining Vitamin D. Weekend sun bathing would be a great idea.

2. Learn to Say NO!

I know, they know and we all know that whatever the situation, conditions or the type of work our beloved moms won’t say no or shy away from working or taking on roles. That’s just part of their charm but it seriously affects their health. Not just from exhaustion but also from continuously working and the type of work they do.

For example, the majority of women in many households, especially in Asia and other developing countries, wash dishes and clothes by their hands. Continuous exposure of their skin with soap makes their hands rough and its not just about the quality of skin. Strenuous usage of muscles and joints for long periods of time without giving them proper rest, exercise or nutrition, makes them weak and fragile.

Hence we are seeing rapidly rising cases of arthritis, joint pains and replacement surgeries. So try to delegate some of your work on to your kids, that way they will learn more about chores and will also reduce the stress on you. Say no to unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, it is okay to deny. Learn to sit back and relax.

3. Learn to Say Yes

Say yes to exercise, dance, music, sports, that ice cream you crave for, that drink you would die for, that hobby you always wanted to develop. Don’t limit yourself to just office and home. You are not a worker but also a human being. You have needs and demands too. Don’t ignore that and whenever you get an opportunity, grab it. Say yes to that dance, aerobics, Pilates, football, music class. Say yes to all that you desired for instead of shutting them down.

4. Exercise

There is a myth going on that if you are doing chores then you won’t have to exercise. As strain on the body from chores is equivalent to exercise. Okay, so before I answer this, there are some things that you should consider. They are:

  • Mindset

If you are being all cringy while doing household work then the effects on the body reduces. When you are working out, you have progress and growth in your mind and that is quite crucial if you are looking for some good results.

  • Repetitions

How many repetitions are you giving in a set? A set usually consists of 11 or 15 reps, heavy sets consist of 5 to 7reps, before you take a small break. But when you are indulging muscles in a chore then we usually stop once we are done. So it hurts muscles more than to build them.

  • Stance

What is your stance? Are you putting any unnecessary pressure on weak joints while working? It may be possible. We mostly bend our back if we want to pick anything from the ground instead of using our knees. This is a very basic example and we make many such mistakes without even knowing.

  • Diet

When we workout we change our diet and work towards maintaining it but as already mentioned above, a majority of women are malnourished and lack many vital nutrients in their diet.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Always keep it in mind no matter what you do. If you love the people around you and want to work for their wellbeing, start by taking care of yourself. If you are not in good health then you won’t be able to do anything for others as well. So start with yourself. Wash your eyes with cold water, massage your arms, legs and feet. Eat healthy, sleep soundly, wake up early, exercise to your heart’s content and live happily. You can be sure that people who love you will be happy when they will see you taking care of yourself.

The best time to start is today. Use the steps mentioned above and relieve your stress. That is one burden that you need not to carry. And also let us know in the comments below, what your experience was after following them. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

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