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What Is Free-Floating Anxiety

What Is Free-Floating Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes & How To Cure it

When you feel a general sense of dread and uneasiness without any particular or specific cause, the feeling can be termed as free-floating anxiety. This term is used...
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Quick & Interesting Facts About Social Anxiety Disorder That You Should Know

5 Quick & Interesting Social Anxiety Facts That You Should Know

“I'm not anti-social. I'm just not social.” - Woody Allen One of the most commonly misunderstood anxiety disorders, social anxiety is a psychological concern that makes people think...
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Does My Child Have Anxiety

Does My Child Have Anxiety? | Anxiety Disorders In Children, Symptoms & How To Help

Navigating through childhood is in itself a challenging process but in recent times, ever since the global pandemic hit, anxiety disorders or...
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What Is Second-Hand Anxiety & How To Protect Yourself From It

What Is Second-Hand Anxiety & How To Protect Yourself From It

You must have heard that laughter and happiness can be contagious but were you aware that anxiety and stress can be contagious...
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The Calming Hand Technique

Calming Hand Breathing Technique: Manage Your Anxiety and Breathlessness

The aim of hand breathing technique is the introduction of a way to manage breathlessness and control the feelings of panic. Whenever you feel stressed, short of breath,...
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Mantras to wipe out the depression symptoms

7 Most Powerful Mantras for Depression and Anxiety

Self-help strategy teaches us to control our emotions, learn to cope with negative thoughts, and embrace positivity. Since ancient times, therapists have used mantras to calm down the...
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Journaling For Stress Relief

Best Journal For Anxiety: 15 Best Anxiety Journals For You!

“Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” - Corrie Ten Boom Isn’t this quote relatable, though? I’ve always noticed that whenever I...
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Panic attack vs anxiety attack

Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: Know The Difference

‘Panic attack’ and ‘anxiety attack’ are two terms that often leave people confused due to similarity in symptoms. Despite the shared symptoms between the two, there is a...
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LGBTQ Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression in LGBTQ People | Facts, Concerns, and Preventive Measures

The majority of LGBTQIA++ community members lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives with their partners. After being accepted by law and society they have experienced positive changes in...
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