10 Major Lies Anxiety Makes You Believe That Aren’t True

Last Update on July 20, 2023 : Published on July 20, 2023
10 Major Lies Anxiety Makes You Believe That Aren’t True

Well, yes, your anxiety has been lying to you all the time! Do you remember those bloomy days when your anxious state tells you that you’re not worthy, you’re not likable, and other stuff which looks very mean? Forget it all… because all these things that your anxiety tells you are a complete lie! It’s time to break the lie bubble, love yourself more, and put yourself on the journey of positivity!

One major lie that I have been hearing all the time is that “anxiety is not a real mental health issue.” Well, it’s a psychological fact that anxiety is not only about worrying but it’s about racing, difficulty concentrating, extreme worrying, losing control, and more! Anxiety colors up your judgments and makes you think about everything from a negative perspective.

Anxiety tells us lies that are not even real, in this blog, let us find out what lies anxiety has been telling us all the time. So, let’s get started!

10 Major Lies Your Anxiety Tells You

1.“I am not good for anything.”

It is way more challenging to maintain self-esteem while you’re struggling with anxiety, however, this is one of the majors lies your anxiety tells you often. No, you are efficient in doing everything you want to. When your anxiety starts digging into your personal or professional equations, know that it’s a lie and you deserve to live the best life and achieve your dreams.

It might look more challenging in the first place, but you really need to understand that your inner demons are playing with your emotions and you must not allow them to do so!

2.“I am not likable.”

My social anxiety disorder once told me that I am not likable and I must not attend that party…what did I do in return? Well, I braced it up and enjoyed that party though my anxiety really tried to beat me off! I didn’t allow it to make me feel annoyed, irritated, or worthless. I geared up my self-confidence and pulled myself out of this trap.

So, next time, if your anxiety tells you that you’re not likable, you know what to do! Never allow your anxiety to become someone you’re not! Be you, do you, and buzz off your anxiety by responding, “I know, I am likable.”

3.“I am unsafe.”

Feeling insecure or unsafe is another consequence of anxiety that makes us believe that we’re not safe or we are in danger. No matter where you go or with whom you speak, your anxiety will tell you that you’re unsafe, and it’s a lie! Anxiety wants you to be on the edge every time you take a step ahead to achieve something big. Note that danger only resides in your head, and never hesitate to move ahead in your career.

4.“I am weak.”

It’s so easy for anxiety to dig up on your weakness! Anxiety is really great at masking up your strengths and presenting them as your weakness. Never let your anxiety say that again and learn to convert your weaknesses into strengths because it will allow you to become headstrong and achieve your goals positively and mindfully.

5.“I always mess up in the end.”

Anxiety is really great at convincing you that you’re unworthy and you’ll surely mess it up in the end. Well, you know what you must do? Close the door of negativity in the face of anxiety and allow positivity to come in and tell you that you’re not going to screw it up, failures are part of life, and we must all move forward after taking lessons.

6.“I will never get out of this situation.”

This phrase looks fearful and dark, but you can really get out of this misery! Ask your inner demons to stop lying and allow yourself to move further. Clearly, life is full of ups and downs, therefore, welcome the positivity and ask the negative thoughts to take a long break!

7.“I am not beautiful inside out.”

Anxiety is good at making up its own negativity. Your anxiety is surely going to tell you that you’re not beautiful inside out but never allow self-hatred or self-doubt to enter in your world. Do what you like to do, be kind to yourself and others, enjoy small achievements, put in the hard work, and wait for positive results.

8.“I am a failure.”

Cognitive distortions are a major part of anxiety and they’re really great at under-exaggerating your strengths. No, you’re not a failure! You must set yourself on the road to recovery, try learning new things, and allow positive thoughts only!  Whenever your anxiety tells you that you’re a failure, take the help of positive affirmations!

9.“I can’t move my body.”

Your anxiety is likely to eat up all the energy or motivation inside out, in order to make your strengths win, stand up, move your body, get some extra energy, consume nutritious food, and shake your body vigorously!

10.“I am not able to focus or concentrate.”

Anxiety makes us lethargic and tells us that we’re not capable of concentrating or focusing on things. Your task is to remind your mind and body to disconnect from racing thoughts, acknowledge your issues, and get support (if needed).

Breaking The Lie Bubble: Here’s What You Can Do When Anxiety Lies

First of all, let’s just break the lie bubble, by consuming the right amount of positivity! You can save the graphic, and read it whenever your anxiety starts lying to you again.

You Can Do When Anxiety Lies

I hope this blog helps you with the major lies that anxiety makes us believe. Comment down and share “How your anxiety lies to you?”

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Thanks for reading!

Stay positive and never let anxiety take over your mind and body! 😊

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