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Maladaptive & Adaptive Coping Skill

Practice Adaptive Coping Skills and strike Maladaptive Ones Now| Special Content For Kids

Life is like a circus! We have on or the other show going up. On some days we are enjoying the happy shows on other days we have...
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The role of social support for health and wellbeing

The Role of Social Support for Health and Wellbeing

Your psychological health and wellbeing can be improved with the help of social support. Social support means having a good connection with friends and family members who support...
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Myths And Facts About Stress

Myths And Facts About Stress You Must Know For A Stress-free Life

Stress is that inevitable part of our life which is really hard to get off. However, we can learn to handle stress and live a stress-free life. If...
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Impostor syndrome- Symptoms & Treatment

Know Your Worth! – Impostor Syndrome Characteristics & Coping Strategies

Impostor syndrome, also written as imposter syndrome, is a psychological condition where one doubts their own ability and believes that they are not competent enough to accomplish in...
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3 Reasons Why Do I Feel Like Failure

Why Do I Feel Like Failure? (& What Should I Do About It)

Regardless of whatever profession or line of work you’re in, we’re sure you feel extremely excited and energetic whenever you take up a new task. Nevertheless, this energy...
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How Parents Fighting Affects a Child's Mental Health

How Parents Fighting Affects a Child’s Mental Health?

The mental health of a child depends on the surrounding where they live. The more harsh the environment, the more negativity will affect the mental health of a...
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8 Tips To Build Mental Toughness And Break The Barriers Around You

Generate new characteristics within your powerful mind and put your willpower to work. Being mentally tough is a challenge itself, as you must take full responsibility for your...
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Signs You're Raising an Angry Child

5 Signs You’re Raising an Angry Child

Indeed, anger is a common feeling that can be seen in every human being! In fact, we all have anger which may be considered as normal if we...
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Calm Down the Chatter of Mind

Calm down the Chatter of Mind with these tricks

Mental chatter is one of the biggest issues we all face specifically on those hectic days. I am going to introduce all with a new term which is...
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