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Is Coffee Anxiety Real

Is Coffee Anxiety Real? This Is How Caffeine And Anxiety Are Related

Do you know what drug is the most popular and widely consumed around the globe for centuries? No, it’s not what you might be thinking… No drug, in...
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Can smartphones induce stress and anxiety

Can Your Smartphone Induce Stress And Anxiety? Here’s How To Manage It

Over the past year we have all been through a lot. Be it work, family or health, we were in a lot of stress. Covid-19 is one thing...
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Parenting tips for children with anxiety

Parenting Tips for Children With Anxiety: How To Help Children With Anxiety

The high difficulty level is obvious when you have an anxious child. Even the most skilled and stable parenting can fail while dealing with a child who is...
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Anxiety And Irrational Thinking

Does Anxiety Cause Irrational Thoughts & How To Overcome Them?

Do you think negative thoughts every day, no matter how good the situation is? Are your thoughts controlling your actions and your performance? These kinds of irrational thoughts...
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How Does Anxiety Affect Decision Making

How Does Anxiety Affect Decision Making? | What To Do To Overcome Decision Anxiety

Is this good for me? Should I ask others to make my decisions? Why can’t I make decisions anymore? Do these questions plague your mind often? Do you...
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Back-To-School Anxiety

Back-To-School Anxiety: What Is It And How You Can Support Your Kid Through It

Doubt. Anger. Anxiety. These are some words that might come to your mind when you think about your kid going back to school. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic...
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The 3-3-3 Rule For Anxiety

The 3-3-3 Rule For Anxiety: What Is It And How It Helps

Imagine you’re sitting in your room, relaxing, then out of nowhere your palms begin to sweat, your heart rate increases, and you feel out of control - this...
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5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique to Deal With Your Anxiety

We all can relate with the fact that we tend to face anxiety every now and then. Deadline is approaching anxiety, swipes in, have an important exam or...
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How To Help A Teenager Struggling With Anxiety

Anxiety And Panic Disorders In Teens: How To Help A Teenager Struggling With Anxiety

Adolescence or teenage years are the most struggling and challenging years in a kid as well as in their parents’ lives. Anxiety in itself is a struggle to...
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