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Ayush Yadav

Story teller, Pet Lover, Active Listener

Philosophy, Law, Health & Well-Being
Master's Degree in Law
More than 2.5 years as mental health advocate


Aayush is a writer, and storyteller who is passionate about using words to help drive positive change and make people aware about the history. He holds a bachelor's in law, lives in the princely state Jaipur and is passionate about helping people in anyway possible. In his spare time, he is usually out with friends and enjoys exploring different facets of life.


Mountain Meditation: Best Meditation For Stabilizing And Grounding

There’s a special vibe in the mountains that keeps calling us again and again. Mountains…

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Butterfly hug

The Butterfly Hug – What is it? Does it help cope with anxiety and PTSD?

Living with a mental health condition that affects your daily activities, especially anxiety or post-traumatic…

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Sapiosexuality traits

Sapiosexuality – What Is It, Characteristics, Signs, And Impact On Relationship

Does enjoying a heated discussion, a stimulating lecture, or a long intellectual conversation make you…

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Modern Femininity – How to Overcome the Stress of Being Untraditional

The gender roles traditionally assigned to women of a mother, daughter, sister, and wife have…

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Does Less Screen Time Mean A Healthier Mind And Body?

As a parent, guardian, or elder, you are not doing anything wrong if you argue…

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How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

The type of anxiety that induces embarrassment and extreme fear in social situations is called…

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Can Anxiety Cause a Loss of Appetite?

Eating healthy and nutritious food is recommended to keep the body nourished. Yet when people…

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What Is Moral Injury And How To Heal From It

The concept of moral injury is not new, yet it is believed that while working…

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Only Child Syndrome

What is Only Child Syndrome – Myth or Reality ?

Were you considered spoiled or selfish just because you were an only child? Or just…

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