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Toxic Relationships : Are You Stuck in One?

Is your relationship healthy? We human beings crave relationships as they help us in our growth and create happiness. But! Are all relationships healthy? Not really! Some relationships...
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Why “Good Vibes Only” is Not Enough

Why “Good Vibes only ” is Not Enough

Are you always passing good vibes to others? May be it is about time to stop and rethink it, before our positivity starts to turn toxic for others!...
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Are you a cynic


A Cynic is a person who believes that people always have a selfish motive behind everything they do. A cynic is overly skeptical about everything. If you are...
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Is Pandemic Ruining Your Relationships

Is Pandemic Ruining Your Relationships

Is pandemic testing the endurance of your relationships? Well, hold it tight, you got this! Relationships are fragile and COVID ja been testing their strength of. After all,...
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Do Parents Unknowingly Teach Their Children To Lie?

“Honestly is the best policy.” Heard of this phrase before? I’m sure you did, as from the very start HONESTY has been one of the primary virtues required...
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Why Suicide Seems Like A Solution To Your Problem

Why Suicide Seems Like A Solution To Your Problem? But, It’s NOT!

Why does someone choose to end his/her life? Did nobody notice any warning signs? Why there’s a significant rise in children/teen suicide? Why couldn’t we take any action...
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When is the best time to quit smoking

When Is The Best Time To Quit Smoking

Are you a regular smoker? Then you must have asked yourself this question, “When is the best time to quit smoking” and must have ended up with smoking...
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