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Vocal Stimming in ADHD: What is It, Why it Happens, And How to Manage It

Have you ever wondered why some people with ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder -…

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Psychopath Stare

Psychopath Stare – Do Psychos Have Different Eyes & Stares?

Thriller movies, crime shows, and mystery novels discuss psychopaths and their stares. But is it…

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Are You Being Shallow

Are You Being Shallow? Here Are 7 Ways to Stop Being Shallow

Where we live in a world filled with Instagram filters and quick swipes on dating…

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Understanding Blood Type Personality: Can You Determine Personality From Your Blood Type?

My daughter and I share the same blood group, which explains where she got her…

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adult temper tantrums

It’s Time We Address Adult Temper Tantrums (Types, Causes, And How To React)

When we hear the word, “tantrum”, the first image that pops up in our minds…

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When Your Teenager Doesn’t Care About Consequences

When Your Teenager Doesn’t Care About Consequences, Try These Discipline Strategies

Teaching the importance of consequences to teenagers is important as it is how teenagers learn…

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Can Grief Cause Anxiety? | Understanding the Link Between Grief and Anxiety

Grief is a powerful emotion and so is anxiety. These emotions in excess can impact…

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Agender vs Nonbinary

Demystifying Gender Labels: An In-Depth Guide For Agender vs. Nonbinary

One of the most complex and multifaceted aspects of our society and, by extension, our…

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how to handle losing friendship

Friendship Break-Ups Hurt: 8 Tips To Handle Losing A Friend

One of the most inspiring relationships we have is the one with our friends. Our…

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