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Harshita Singh



"Words work magic" is exactly what Harshita follows. She intends to channelize her counselling abilities by the way of soothing words. In her free time she loves play with her pets, indulge in reiki healing and when not doing anything else, taking naps is what she adores the most.

Signs You're Raising an Angry Child

5 Signs You’re Raising an Angry Child

Indeed, anger is a common feeling that can be seen in every human being! In…

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5 Signs That Show You’re Undervaluing Yourself!

“Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others. –…

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Ask These Questions To Yourself When You Can’t Decide What To Do!

Decision making is the ability when we can understand the situation and act accordingly. In…

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Two Major Challenges Of Living With An Invisible Illness

Two Major Challenges Of Living With An Invisible Illness

As we know the world is full of emotions and we try to grasp those…

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