5 Signs That Show You’re Undervaluing Yourself!

Last Update on July 10, 2020 : Published on April 17, 2020

“Never underestimate your power to change yourself; never overestimate your power to change others. – Wayne Dyer”

This is a fact that many of us can’t understand the power within us. Most often we try to underestimate our skills and abilities just by looking at any obstruction. There are many people who are there to crush your backbone and make you feel inferior as compared to them.

Signs That Show You're Undervaluing Yourself

You know, when you start undervaluing yourself in front of such people, they begin to take advantage of you. Either they will mock you or start bullying you in front of everyone.

And I am sure no one wants to drop their reputation every time in front of useless people. If you are caught in a dilemma where you are unable to understand the signs that show you are undervaluing yourself, don’t worry!

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you to the most common and basic indications that will help you to understand, Oh, Yes! I am/was undervaluing myself.

Stay Tuned and Focused

Signs that Shows You are Undervalued YourSelf:

1. You Are A People Pleasure!

Pleasing people can be a sign of under valuing

I am sorry for being honest with you, but if you fall in this category you are destroying your inner self. Pleasing people is one of the most common factors that every person inhabits, which could lead to poor self-esteem.

I know you want to be an apple of one’s eye but that’s not possible every time. And that doesn’t mean you are going to plead someone for liking you.  C’mon, if you need to please someone just for admiring you, this is your loss, not yours! If you think you will please them by doing or having what they want, you are wrong. Actually this indicates your low confidence and you are not enough for yourself.

P.S- Have confidence and courage! You will conquer the world, so stop pleasing everyone!

2. Not Putting Yourself First

Not Putting Yourself First

If I ask you to rate yourself in the terms of priority, how would you mark from 1 to 10? Drop your comment below! If you have rated 2 or 5 or 8 doesn’t matter. This is important to know, no matter whether you are man or woman, are you giving enough priority to yourself? It is important to have warmth and compassion towards others, but in this we stop caring for ourselves. I may sound heartless or straight forward to you but if we are not prioritizing ourselves, no one else will value our importance.

I am going to ask you a question again, in the emergency situation; will you put on your own oxygen mask first or put it on another? I guess you know the answer.

Understand your needs and try to take care of yourself by having adequate rest, good nutrition, hydrated and regular exercise. “Putting yourself first is not a selfish”

3. You Compare Yourself With Others

Compare Yourself With Others

 COMPARISON! Here is another frequent sign that shows you are undervaluing yourself. In an honest manner, you need to stop comparing yourself with others. I know there are many people who consider comparison as a competition. If I talk about competition, it is a healthy way of encouragement that makes us thrive even more with full dedication.

But what about the comparison? Nah, it’s not worth it mate, you need to understand life is not always fair. If your allies have a rose plant and you got jasmine, don’t put comparison here. This could happen because he likes roses more than any other flower. You got Jasmine because everyone around you feels like you are soothing and full of love.

You must change the perception mate! This habit of comparing yourself with others will make you less important. Trust me if you don’t change this you will regret it.

P.S- “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ― Aldous Huxley

4. You Tell Yourself- You’re Not Enough!

You Tell Yourself

Why do you begin to have such a conversation with yourself? Don’t you know words have the biggest power and whatever we speak it comes to us from the universe? Don’t you know this? Okay, Okay I am telling you words have immense capability to heal, hinder, hurt, humiliate and harm others, They have a great sense to impact others and oneself, why to criticize by saying you’re not enough?

This is the worst sign of misunderstanding your own self. You know you have many, many, many good qualities that any other person can look in you. Don’t focus on your flaws and imperfections. Instead, check your positive rhythm and qualities that make you a better person.

P.S- “Sometimes you have to realize that you’ve HAD enough to realize that you ARE enough.” ― Mandy Hale

5. You’re Deeply Affected By Criticism

You’re Deeply Affected By Criticism

I agree, sometimes we can’t digest criticism and that particular thought constantly runs into our mind that leads to overthinking. Understand, these condemnations are meant to encourage you and help you to perform better. In other words, criticism helps you in achieving the part which you are lacking in.

It has been seen that people set their own rules and regulations that evaluate actions on themselves and on others people’s opinions. If they think their actions or views are not approved their world will shattered.

As I said above [Comparison] you can’t control people or their emotions, nor can you please them. It’s important to concentrate on our own self, because we are the creator of our own life.

P.S- “Criticism is an indirect form of self-boasting.” – Emmet Fox

We’re Here To Help You!

I hope you like this article and I have justified your dilemma in order to understand the signs of undervaluing yourself.

You are welcome to share your thoughts and views regarding this blog in the comment section below. Oh yes! Don’t forget to tell me the answer regarding prioritizing yourself!

Always remember, “Only You Can Change Yourself, No One Else Would Do It For You

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