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Monika Tak




Exploring Thinker Personality Type: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, And Perceiving (INTP)

Thinker personality includes introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving (INTP). It is one of the 16…

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Guide-Me: What Is An Anxious Ambivalent Attachment?

Do you distrust the person you’re in a close relationship with? If yes, please know…

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Anxiety After Eating

Anxiety After Eating: Exploring Its Triggers And How to Manage It

Anxiety is something that never leaves you alone and can come back to haunt you…

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Dysphoric Mania

Understanding Dysphoric Mania in Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Causes, And More

Living with bipolar disorder can be like riding a roller coaster in real-time. And if…

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Recognizing Midlife Crisis in Men And How to Cope With It

We’re not unfamiliar with the term, “midlife crisis”, but there are times still when I…

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Aging Gracefully, Living Joyfully: The Secret Behind Why Older People Are Happier

We all seek it, but it keeps running away. Yes, I’m talking about the elusive…

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Transference-Focused Therapy

Transference-Focused Therapy: What Is It, Techniques, Uses, Benefits, And More

Transference-focused therapy (TFP) is a type of psychotherapy that uses the dynamics of the relationship…

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All You Need To Know About Word Salad In Schizophrenia

Have you ever found yourself or your loved one speaking in a dysfunctional manner? Well,…

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why am I still single reasons

“Why Am I Still Single?” Reasons Why Some People Can’t Find A Partner

Being single is sometimes a choice for some people, however, many people struggle to find…

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