What Does Road Rage Mean? | Causes, Risks, & How To Control Road Rage

Do you feel angry when someone cuts in front of you when you’re driving? Or do you feel like yelling at nothing when some random car merges inappropriately in front of you? Driving while angry isnâ€...

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Dealing With Teenage Anger? 7 Ways To Help An Angry Teen

One of the most difficult phases in a person’s life is the teenage years. Whether it’s your life, your child’s, or your subling’s, navigating smoothly when it comes to teen years is not just p...

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Aggression In Children: Strategies On How To Stop Aggressive Behavior In Toddlers

The age between one and three is a challenging and exciting time for parents and children alike. Toddlers, at that age, become aware that there are other people and things around them other than their...

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Emotionally Volatile: Symptoms of Volatile Anger To Control It

There are 10 types of anger and volatile anger is one of them. If I talk about anger, it is an emotion that is experienced in different forms. People may remain silent or may start yelling. While bein...

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Are You Feeling Angry All the Time for No Reason? This Might Be Why

Anger everywhere, not a single sigh of relief! *Hey that statement is just so relatable!* If this is how you feel after reading our opening statement then you have just landed at the right place! ...

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Workplace Anger: Tips On How To Deal With An Angry Colleague

Every office or workplace has that person - one that loses their temper easily and one who is prone to angry outbursts. Their anger can affect everyone near them and could be directed to either their ...

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7 Types of Anger We All Experience And Their Impact On Our Wellness

Do you know what is the most complex form of emotion that we experience? (Hint: read the title) ANGER is the answer! An emotion that we all experience, or shall I say, avoid to experience because we ...

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Best Anger Management Tips for Kids, Teens and Adults

Anger is like heavy rainfall, if you don’t know the right ways to manage it the adverse consequences are likely to follow. But, if you know to control this heavy rainfall you can also rejoice the be...

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“Why Do I Hate Everyone?” Reasons You Feel This Way & Ways To Overcome

Somedays are different from others and we may get irritated and annoyed by everyone around us. This creates hatred for a short period of time but you return back to your everyday mood soon after. It h...

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