Mental Disorders

Hallucinations: Types, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Hallucinations, by definition, means “an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present”. The word come...

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What Is Delusional Disorder? Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Delusional disorder, also called as Psychosis, is a condition in which a person cannot differentiate between real and imaginary situations. This causes delusions which are often reinforced by wrong in...

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Avoidant Personality Disorder: What Is It & How To Deal With It?

What is Avoidant personality disorder Avoidant personality disorder (AVDP) makes an individual extremely shy which also induces a f...

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Nomophobia: Everything You Need To Know About Phone Addiction

No one can deny the fact that smartphones or mobile phones have become an omnipresent part of this modern era. Previously, the ph...

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What is Kleptomania: What Is It & How To Treat It?

An irresistible urge of stealing things could be directly termed as kleptomania, to be precise. Those dealing with it would steal items even if they do not need it, could even afford or may not find a...

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Munchausen Syndrome (Factitious Disorder): What Is It & How To Treat?

Summary: Munchausen Syndrome is a rare type of mental disorder in which a person tries to show physical or mental illness even when they do not have anything. It is usually tough to diagno...

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Anhedonia: Causes, Signs & Treatment

Losing your interest in activities that you used to enjoy and find pleasurable earlier could be felt by many people. However, anhedonia takes this feature to a greater extent and people suffering from...

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High Functioning Autism vs. Low Functioning Autism (Everything You Need To Know)

If you have read about autism or if you ever spiked a conversation with someone on the autism theme you might have come across these two terms: High functioning autism (HFA) and Low functioning Autism...

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and More

Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of 3. It is a broad term used to describe a group of neurodevelopmental disorders. While 1 in 59 children ar...

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