Mental Disorders

All You Need To Know About Empathy Deficit Disorder

Talking about putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes might be easy but actually doing it might not be as easy for some people. Empathy is the ability that makes us feel emotionally connected to o...

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10 Common Myths and Facts About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the most commonly misunderstood and stigmatized mental illnesses. In this article, I’ve combined some interesting facts about schizophrenia. According to the National Inst...

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Anxiety And Panic Disorders In Teens: How To Help A Teenager Struggling With Anxiety

Adolescence or teenage years are the most struggling and challenging years in a kid as well as in their parents’ lives. Anxiety in itself is a struggle to cope with but add in the hormonal and other...

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Melancholic Depression: What Is It, Its Features & How To Overcome Melancholia

There are many moments in our life where we feel a deep sense of sadness or gloom for absolutely no particular reason at all - also known as melancholia. Feeling melancholic is nothing new. People ...

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Can Anxiety Cause Shortness Of Breath? Understanding Its Symptoms & What To Do

What you struggle with during your anxiety attacks or episodes will be way different than what I or someone else would experience. The triggers, the symptoms, and even the causes of anxiety differ fro...

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What Is Atypical Anorexia Nervosa? | Signs, Symptoms, Effects & Treatment

When it comes to talking about eating disorders, there are many stigmas attached to them and not much awareness and understanding about the various eating disorders. The stigmas, hence, make it harder...

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ADHD-Friendly Habits On Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep not only helps recharge us physically but also helps us reboot mentally and emotionally. You must have heard the phrase “Let’s sleep on it” - have you ever wondered why it...

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Scared Of Making Friends? Tips To Make Friends When Struggling With Social Anxiety

Friendships are a big part of our lives but when you’re a teenager or a young adult making friends can be a challenging task. Friends make our daily lives fun and interesting. Many of our favorite m...

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Emotionally Burnt Out? Understand The Signs Of Emotional Exhaustion & How To Heal From It

While last year, in and on itself was a tough year to deal with, the year 2021 hasn’t fared any better, yet. Emotionally, we’re all wrung out and feeling drained of our energy and the emotional ab...

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