Mental Disorders

Did you know that there are over 200 classified forms of mental disorders? We’re bringing to you a guide on various mental health disorders and how you can get help for them

Diathesis-Stress Model

Diathesis-Stress Model: Uses & How It Works

The Diathesis-stress model can be traced back to the early nineteen hundreds but the documented…

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Complete Guide: Dealing With Depression After Breakup

When the breakup is mutual, it can help us find goals, perspectives, better outlooks, and…

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Thanksgiving Depression: Can It Be Real? (And How To Cope With It)

The Holiday season is upon us! Wow, hasn’t this year been exciting!? For me, it…

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socially awkward how to overcome

Signs You Are Socially Awkward and How to Overcome

Are you clueless when it comes to following social norms? Or are you the one…

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5 Dating Tips For When Dating Someone With A Histrionic Personality Disorder

For a person living with a mental health disorder or condition, it can be hard…

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Performance Anxiety

Break The Cycle Of Performance Anxiety In 7 Simple Ways

Quite a common experience is performance anxiety if you look at it. Before any important…

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BPD Relationship Cycle

BPD Relationship Cycle: Here’s What You Can Expect (And How To Cope)

Relationships can be demanding in their rights - and I’m talking about mental and emotional…

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Understanding compulsive shopping disorder

Are You A Shopaholic?: Understanding Compulsive Shopping Disorder (Oniomania)

People who are addicted to shopping are referred to as shopaholics. Well, it is also…

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Fregoli delusion causes and coping

Fregoli Delusion: Causes & Coping

Do you know what delusions are? Delusions are a set of false beliefs that one…

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